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' ■.-■ '.%- I'!: rim,/,'' 



* •«. 


^j^fJL^ w/v ||W^ 

/7 Union 6trte^t 
^inakf^m HA-, 0Z04'^ 


Table of ContentB 

Youve Got Mail... 

HHSsuprfn: We can congratulate ourselves on a job well done. The odds were against us, but we 
made it through the trials & tribulations of high school. 

ProHatOrg: We've worked hard for the ultimate redemption: graduation. 

HHSsuprfn: There's so much we will never forget about our days @ good old HHS 
And there isn't a price that can be paid for the memories we have. 

ProHatOrg: It went by wicked fat... 

ProHatOrg: *fast 

HHSsuprfn: And maybe there were moments where u should have studied harder, or had a better work ethic, or gone to 
class on time, or maybe gone at all all. . .but hey, who's perfect? 

ProHatOrg: And we don't regret a thing. 

HHSsuprfn: Because what we will remember the most will be the fiin times- the wild dances, the Friday shows, 

the memorable game against that rival team (who shall remain nameless; coughduxburycough), late night drama rehearsals, and 

those assemblies where we were forced to entertain ourselves... 

ProHatOrg: but hey, at least they got u outta class. 

HHSsuprfn: lol. So we give you ur yearbook, a hardcover phenomenon that will go down in history. . . 

ProHatOrg: Because it's ours. 

HHSsuprfn: and we've earned it. 

ProHatOrg: When u look back @ that old friend of yours, maybe u should give him or her a call, or write a letter... 

HHSsuprfn: or send them an email. This is, after all, my friends, the age of communication. 

ProHatOrg: No reason not to keep in touch! Ttyl! 

Steve and Mike sure are happy in 

Lunch! Scott and Shaun's 
favorite class of the day! 

Jack is thrilled to be in 
class. ..what is his secret? 

Catelyn takes a quick locker 

:rip in between classes. ▼ i i ■ i 

'^ hrin puts great thought into her 

journal entry. ▼ 

Play time or English class? You decide. 


^Uf^''^r<^^^ ^^^1 

m V J 

Brandon is ready to pull 
outta here. 

Hannah Hogan flashes 
a smile before heading 

•^ Courtney, shows off her deep love for 
Field Hockey. 

f(Kt C'C^^ir^'vhe.ll, ynMte.r pf([iiauiie. 

C'fvriisie puts sa^e- 
CPV^yfert in ktr i[i^u. 

Hicfie-lU Icnpws tX(K.ctlii 
koW strut ktr stuff. 

Tke. kc^.ir, cvn<^ C^re-a 

Jiyn PreW is tke antu jje-rson 

wkc cc^n f}utt afftk(^.t 


Hike, ^fl.rk iKK^ ^nuitericus 

"hre-nniKn c(\-n't <?c 

Ztizfihetfv is tfirilUc{ to 

skew offke-r suye-r cute 



Siohk^n's iKWesc>{v.e tpo'k. 
CQynyliyyy^tnti ktr vi^innina 

(^ecrat i5 not cntu 

fbe^ fiafi)off?2GfQ? 




^E/^TS /^Sl^II^Gr M>^ P/^REf^TS FOR C/^SM 

Suzv busts a move! 

Sll)W ll. 

Ici- llu- stars. 

Family's corsage is almost a 
pretty as Jcrcm\-. "^ 

^n tjoenino on 
ine Jvecf Garpei 





jM.ur and C^aitic look like ihcy just 

won an Oscar! ^ Kyle, Alli, 

aiv ail dollid up lor the nig 




Hayley wanted to dance 
the night away, not 
babysit! ^ 


Stephanie and lier date 
are havina a reel nice 

Katie and Lauren lake a Urcik Irom 
daneini^ to Hash l)ig smiles lor the 





Grcii and Kendra greet 
their public. 

Can you hear me now? 


. . . Good 





f^'- :.■'■''-"' 

Introducing The Class of 2004 






Daniel Allen 

Lura Allen 

Myles Allen 

Emily Amrhein 

Louis Arnos 

Michael Babin Constance Baltera 

Ashley Bargende 

Jamie Barkas 

Suzanne Barker 

Michael Barra 


Brian Bastianelli 

Christin Belmore 

Emily Belyea 

John Benjamin 

Christopher Bierbaum 

Paul Bottone 

Caitlm Bourbeau 

Katie Boutilier 

Jennifer Brady 

Jessica Burke 

Scott Burns 



Julie Cadigan 

Katelyn Carbone 

Peter Cahill 

Elizabeth Carey 

Patrick Campbell 

Michael Cedrone 

Jacqueline Cartier 

Caitlin Childs 



Joseph Christino 

Matthew Clerkin 

Nichole Coady 

Jennifer Christman Stephanie Clapp 

Brian Collins 

Suzanne Connelly 

Christie Clarke 

Ryan CoUins 

Christopher Conner 


Vanessa Coveney 

Michaela Coyne 

Lucas Crai^ 

Nicholas Cunniff 





Matthew Dahan 

he best part about being a senior is 

atching all the freshmen fall up the stairs 
for the first time and remembering when 
you were so embarassed because it 
happened to you." --Kyle McAlpine 

Christine Danielson 

Paul Deane 

Kristin DeMontigny 


John Creahan 

Sara Damon 

Hr^- ^^B 



Kevin Devine 


Richard Dinger Amanda Dodge Michelle Doherty Courtney Donahue 

Kaitlin Donovan Tyler Donovan 

James Drew III 

Carley Duval 

f it ain t hTOkC, don't fix itl'* 

— A student's opinion on the new scheduling system. 

Timothy Ebbs 

Jacob Elliot 

Katherine Ells 

Stacy Epstein 



Wesley Fawcett 

Michael Fish 

Nicholas Fee 


Stephen Fiske 

Justin Flanagan 

%: 'mi 

Michael Finneran 

Cheryl Flynn 

Melissa Ford 

Joseph Gabriel 


Ketan Gajria 


Kimberly Gallagher Kathleen Gassert 

Mitchell Gianoni Katelyn Gilbert 

«*:£«»^< viL£S^MIaii£iHi^ - . j-i .j ■ 

Geoffrey Gill 

he absolute worst is when the person in' 
if you gets the last spot in close. And its 
^aining. Or snowing. Or even if it's sunny, for tl 

—Caitie PeteJ 

[^■"."-"■•'"'^'■V.-*, V'^^:"'>''.v.'" 



Courtney Glasheen Kimberly Grant Liesl Grebenstein Siobhan Green 


Matthew Griffin 

Julie G 


Jennifer Hanlon 

James Hare 


J ant obsessed with jYlr. jYldanson. ffot only ba; he been my 
teacher for two years, he tntored nte for the 5AT5 and he's my 
best fnend....Yon haVe to loVe a gny with the quadratic formula 
on his leg." 

— Suzy Barker 

Chad Hatch 

AUison Haas 

Lauren Hamel 


J he be^t way J M e^cr spent a $mmr m$ in basic 
traimg for the amy.'' 

—Vanessa Coveney 

David Harris 

Dawn Hatch 

Mary Healey 

Michael Hebert 


Jared Henley 


J he best part about your drivers' license is getting a 

car. A car means total and absolute freedom. Kntil you 
run out of gas, or your parents tell you to come home...'' 

—Matt Higgins 

Robert Johnson 

Matthew Higgins Alyssa Hopkins 






Stephen Jantzen Christopher Johnson 

J he best part about being a senior is that everything you 
do is suddenly justified just for being a senior.*" 

—Stacy Epstein 


/ V 

Satahe Kimborowicz Caroline Kirby-Madden 

Philipp Kovac 

Jamie Landers 


Nicole Lamed 

" Jl^e best apd u/orst u/ay I'ue euer spept a 
summer u/as u/orl^ip^ at StarlaQd. 

—Christie Clarke 

Erin L 


Steven L 


Caitlin LeBlanc 

Victoria Lee 

Jenna Lemonias P. Brennan Lincoln 

Rachel Lincoln 

Lauren MacArthur Michael MacCune 

Paul Lyons 


"Ip my free time, 1 o^cp pi)d myself 19 
t^e deyt^s of \l/ompy." es 

Craig MacDonald Matthew Malone 

Caitlin Massey 

Rachael Manning 

Bradford Matton 

Kyle McAlpine Thomas McCann Elizabeth McCourt 

Sheena Marquis 


)uzanne ivicvjinn 












When I take 




'to do' list, I 


BETTER, —Jess Burke 

Kelly McGreevy 

Claire Merntt 

T. Kyle Morse 


Brian Mclntyre 

Caitlin Minnock 

Jeffrey McLean 

Neil Mirochnick 

Margaret Mulligan H. Brice Murray 


Christine Nims 

Caroline Nutter 

Gregory Nyce 

Russell O'Connell 

Michael O'Connor Francesca O'Doherty-Popp 

Kathleen O'Donnell 


Jr A R 1 S T H E S N O W 


WINTER, Sometimes, IF 









BELOW, If you forgot 





The walk 



Alexander Olson 

—Katie Whitney 


"What'i baM paU 
about bainq a Jait/ot? 


^ ^m^£^P^r Francisco Ossa 

in the 
school. " 

— Katelyn Carbone 

John Paget 

Nicholas Parker 

Yelena Pashchenko Danielle Pastuszak Alexander Pence 

Caitlin Peterson 


Erica Pizzelli 

4 i 

Jasmin Plouffe Jeanette Pollara Hayley Prendergast 

Michael Pungitore Jessica Purcell Douglas Randall 

Adam Read 

Sean Reilley 

Sarah Rathnam 

«# '^ 

fhe wotM patt a/ having ta watk /taut fat h whan ycrif kick 
inUtl aii ovat tfaut back ftam the haah af ifaut iandah. " 

-Doug Randall 


My worst p^p rally iT!i3rnory was wh^zn fll^zx and I dragged tiayl^y across thi3 
gym floor in th^ Jour l^zgg^d rac^ and lost." --Beth Carey 

Elizabeth Schaefer 

Elizabeth Ritchie Patrick Robbins 

Erich Schutz 


Lucy Rogers 

George Schwartz 

Nathaniel Seelen Gregory Settino David Sheehan Jr. 

Annie Rosen 

I want to 
blui3 mini 
bi3eaus^ it's 
and a^iliz." 


1 think th^ only motor v^hicl^ i'v^ ^v^r dr^am^d about was 

a school bus, but I don't want to driV^ it. " -- Constance Bakera 

Jason Skinner 

bav^ an ie^ 
§mall, eut^, 

- Katie Ells 

Alison Smith 

Emily Snyder 

J. Adam Traina 

Erin Smith 

Neil Smith 

Patrick Sullivan Alexandra Tartol 

Diana Trebino Nicholas Trinchcra 


Justin Tsoi 

Brian Walsh 

"Ip tep years 

I will probably 

be ip fropt of 

a computer ip 

tl^e bacl^ of 

sorpe corppapy's 


Ryan Vickers 

Margaret Ward 

Daniel Vilaine 

Matthew Vreeland 

Justin Weinstein Jeremy Weisberg 


^ets rid of 

stress, snow 

bcardiif^ does 


—Kim Gallagher 


Scott Wessen 

Shannon Whitehead 

Katie Whitney 

Bryan Wilbur 

Jonathan Wilson 

Mark Winter 

'Tbc best part about 
bcii>§ a senior is 
Hnowip^ tbat ip a 
year tbc world will 
be ours." 

—Matt Dahan 



^ -.;.-:l 



' "^ ""■lli^l 




H^^^ ^^^^^^p ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ 


2 D 4 


Brian, taking the whee 

-^ Dawn and Jeff are ready to 
cruise away from here. 


Erica and Katie are ready for the day with a cup of coffee. 

Shannon burns up the road with 
her red Volkswagon. 


.Don. Try NOT TO ClR/^+^ 

. . Try -H->^i> 

you had 
a sun 

Jeanette is a high roller! ▼ 

i Matt is 
ready for 
the great 


Matt, Justin, JP, and Brian break for lunch. Calzone anyone 








Who wouldn't want to pose with the 
homecoming king? 

Nick and Chrissie, where are your royal waves- 

Vill Hanson, smiles and waves from the Andrew, our own handy man special. 
Drama Club float. Type Cast? Oh yeah. 

Paul and Jess smile for their camera. 

4 >««-- 

l^m^^^"^ ^ 


Let Me 

the senior 
floast to 
smile for 
the camera. 

▼ Big, Strong Man. 




Nah nah nah nah.'!! 

Come on JP, our photographers 
aren't that scary looking. 

■^ Dancing Queen! 

Oh look, its a - white cartoon 
character leaping in the air. 

■^ Pat knows that lip gloss 

moisturizes as well as adds 

flashy color. 

"*■ Come to Mama! 


Looking Sood 


^B^ ^ 


i$^ ^H 


1 . *■ r- '^^^1 






The Quack Attack is back! 

Cuz I'm Foxy Cleopatra! 

Nice habit Steve. 

i Enough Said. 


Sports- Fall mm- 

*Dan Allen 

Paul Bottone 

^Shaun Feele 


*Adam Traina 

• •> i ; 

• *- *- 


i he Hingham Cross Country 

Team had a rough season as they 
struggled to recover from the 
departure of last year's seniors, 
who made up more than half of 
the team. This year's seniors had 
the honor of leaving Hingham 
high School with their coach, Dr. 
Joe Ryan, who retired after 34 
years of coaching track and cross 
country. The Cross Country 
runners will never forget the 
annual sleepover, swimming at 
World's End, and oi course, Cow 
Path and The Big Hill. They will 
also never forget such memorable 
hnes such as, "gone surfing," 
"Stuck in a tree," and "that was 
OUR race." 

* Denotes 


Paul leaves everyone in the dust. ► 
▼ Almost there.... 

Where dtoes 
f^hamu live? 
Sea World 

i Adam takes 
in the view. 

start your 
engines. ► ^ 

Shaun pushes forward. 

Adam finishes strongly. 

Pick up the pace! 

/-- !l-:'"$>^' ■■^S^' 



SportB- Fan 

GirM Crass Cbuntry 

1 he Girls' Cross Country finished as 

tri-league champs and had more 
runners than ever before with 45 girls 
running on the team this year. The 
team was a leader in the league from 
the beginning, with its large numbers, 
many new strong runners and team 
spirit, which allowed the girls to excel 
and finish with a record of 5-1-0. 
Frequent trips to Springs, sound 
leadership provided by captains Caitlin 
LeBlanc and Cheryl Flynn and strong 
coaching by Coach Ryan and Buzz 
allowed the team to become familiar 
with success. The girls beat rivals 
Rockland and Scituate, and not only 
came out of their season as tri-league 
champs but also gained the Patriot 
League Team Sportsmanship Award. 

^ Caitlm turns up the heat for the 
last few yards of the race. 

*Caithn LeBlanc 

Sheena Marquis 

Caitie Peterson 



■^ See Sheena. See Sheena run. Run, Sheena, run! 
Mary leads the pack up the hill. ^ The lovely senior girls of X-C. 

■^ Christine, Maddie and Laura 
gleefully smile at Worlds End. 


sports- Fan 


let the 




rield hockey had another great season 

this year, lead by captains Katie 
Whitney and Chrissie Nims. Under the 
fabulous coaching staff of Ms. Gordon 
and Ms. Bonner, the field hockey girls 
showed the league that they were a 
force to be reckoned with when they 
beat Hanover, a long-time rival, and 
qualified for tournament. The team was 
built on a solid foundation of senior 
players. Jeanette PoUara was the leading 
scorer for the team, and Chrissie Nims 
did an incredible job defending the net. 
Diana Trebino and Alli O'Leary were 
always consistent and dependable 
midfielders. Katie Whitney also played 
a key role on the team. The girls had a 
great time this year and did very well. 

Jen Hanlon 

Jamie Landers 

Caitlin Massey 

Kelly McGreevy 

*Chrissie Nims 

-*■ Icn IS wondering 
where everyone went. 

Katie lakc^s a sluu. -^ 

The gorgeous seniors of the field hockey team. 

Is It raining Beh ca? ^ 

'.hessie O'Doherty-Popp AUi O'Leary 

Jeanette Pollara 

Diana Trcbmo 

MaiJcric Ward 


sports- Fall mm 

% % 

llLveryone was talking about the 

2003 Football team this year. 
Their record was 10- 1, a feat that 
hadn't been accomplished in 
decades. Lead by captains Kevin 
Devme, Steve Lyons and Alex 
O'Keefe, the team was run into the 
ground, by coaches Paul Killinger, 
Jim Langill, Jeff Perkins, Charles 
Sorrento and Dave Jewett. A big 
accomplishment for the HHS 
football team was beating a rival, 
Scituate, on 
Thanksgiving day with 
a score of 35-27. The 
Hingham High 
School football team 
was a force to be 
reckoned with. 

Joe Christino Jack Creahs 

Kevin Devine Tyler Donovan 

Tim Ebbs 

Jake Elliot 


Jared Henley 

Steve L 


Brad Matton Alex O'Keefe Mike Pungirore DanX'ilanc 


SportB- FaU 

FootbaU Checrleadintt 

i hese were the cheerleaders behind the best football team Hmgham 
High has seen in years. The all underclassman group lead the pep 
rallies with fun stunts and exciting moves. Getting the stunt groups 
down proved to be one of their most challenging tasks. Lead by 
Captams Jackie Giacchetti and Stefaine Sheehan and coached on by 
Ms. Wonson, the ladies of football cheerleadmg sure knew how to 
pump up the place. 

^ Go HHS! FootbaU 
Cheerleaders pump 
up the crowd. 

i Sarah holds her head high 
with Hingham pride. 

^ 1 he girls keep their eyes on the endzone. 

Let me hear you yell H-H-S! ► 


season this year, sharing the league title with 
Duxbury. Led by captain John Foley and 
coached by the adored Mr. Curran the team 
finished 11-2. Nick Fee was a key member of 
the team and was named Mariner All Scholastic, 
along with Ryan Collins who was named both 
the Mariner All Scholastic as well as the Globe 
All Scholastic. Other essential members to the 
team were captain John Foley, and seniors Mike 
MacCune who had a hole in one on the seventh 
hole at Rockland Golf Club, and Chris Conner 
who had a hole in one on the eighth hole at the 
South Shore Country 
Club. Congratulations 
to the Golf Team for 
another great season! 

i Tiger who? 

Over par? Please, 
don't be silly. ► 


2003 Golf Team^ 

^ Nick foUows through, but 
lever takes his eye off the ball. 



Chris hopes for another hole in one! 

-^ There it goes, just 
another great shot. 

Nick Fee 

'John Folev 

Mike MacC 


SportB- Fan 



Mike Fish 

Justin Flannagan J.P. Gabriel Katan Gajria '^Brennan Lincoln Neil Mirochnick 


sports- FaU 

GirJfr Soccer 

vJirls soccer team ended the season 

with 1 3-4- 1. Their wins included the 
Homecoming game in which they beat 
Lynfield 2-1. The girls' soccer team 
many talented players included seniors 
Heather Boles and Hayley Prendergast 

****'*'"**ifo-i--^- playing Midfield, Julie Carey as goalie, 
Kim Grant as sweeper, Beth Carey who 
was a tough defender, and Becca 
Marshall in front, who was also a 
leading scorer with many assists. The 
girls faced a tough rival in Rockland, 
and made it to the first round of the 
state tournament, where they lost to 
Canton 2-1. The dinosaur mascot 
Fletcher stood by the girls through 
the whole season. 

Kim Grant 

Natalie Kimborowitz 

*Becca Marshall 

Ahsa Riley 

^Haley Prendergast 


Alisa heads for a drink after a tough game 

Hayley fights for the ball. 




lioadij I/>Ading 






^^^^^m* •wi 


i he 2003-2004 boys' basketball team was one of the most athletic teams 
around. With strong inside presence and solid perimeter play, the 
Harbormen were a tough match-up throughout the entire season. 
Unfortunately, the Patriot League was extremely competitive this year, and 
Hingham lost several close games to some of the best teams on the South 
Shore. However, the Harbormen were fierce competitors until the end, 
earning the much-deserved respect that they had worked so hard for. The 
2003-2004 Harbormen set a standard for Hingham basketball for years to 
come, by demonstrating what it truly means to be relentless. Jeremy Weisberg, 
Paul Lyons, Shane Campbell, and Jeff McLean worked year-round at 
improving their basketball skills; their hard work paid off. With the 

addition of Chris 
Uerbaum, the five 
seniors lead the 
Harbormen to an 
impressive season. Their 
presence on and off 
the court will be 
greatly missed, and 
their tremendous 
dedication to the 
basketball program 
won't go overlooked. 


observes the 
action on the 

Swishhhh! ► 

i Sh 

ane is on 


What's with the tonsrue in cheek, Chris? 

Chris Bierbaum Shane Campbell 



GiriB* BfiBketball 

1 he girls' Basketball team had very good team chemistry m the 
2003-2004 season. The two seniors on the team, Katie Boutilier 
and captain Heather Boles lead the team in points and assists. 
The varsity team was dominated by younger players, and as the 
season progressed the team became more experienced and thus 
more successful. In one of their best games of the season, the 
girls beat Quincy after being down by 19 points at halftime. 
The girls came out of the season with fast friendships and fond 
memories of games and practices. 

you mis- 
scores around 
here unless it's 

-*■ I'm open, I'm open!! 

Kristin looks to the net. 





X he Gymnastics team had the best record it has had in years! 
They finished in second place in their league, and had 
wonderful chemistry makmg it a really fun season. Coached on 
by Jayne Schlieff, captains Katie Donovan and Erin Leary led 
the team to a 7-3 record, with help from seniors Sarah 
Rathnam and Christie Clarke. Underclassmen Hope Rathnam, 
Kelly Ryan, Jenny Kelly, and Alicia Lynch also contributed to 
the strong effort of the team. Despite the disadvantage of 
being a small group, the girls were hard working and positive, 
so their team unity resounded through the gym. The Hingham 
girls swept away victories against Duxbury, Carver, Randolph 
and Milton. Whether turning cartwheels, flying over the vault, 
swinging from the uneven bars, leaking information to the 
CIA, or balancing on the beam, the 2004 Gymnastics team 
was an unstoppable power house. 

-^ You're supposed to 
Limbo UNDER the bar. 


i "Wishbone play. On two. Ready? BREAK.'" 


Could someone help? 
I'm kinda stuck. ▼ 

Compared to her human pretzel moves, this is cake for Erin!. 


_^^B ^ tS^I^^^^^^^^^^^^I 


_^^^^^^B\ ^^Z^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 



^ Don't bill 
\ A trio of gymnasts. 

Christie Clarke *Katie Donovan * Erin Learv 

Sarah Rathnam 



1 he Hingham High School hockey team had an 
extremely exciting and competitive season. The 
players all became the best of friends and learned 
very^ early on in the season that their combined skills 
allowed them to develop strength as a team. The 
team was characterized by many exciting and 
emotional wins. Captains Bryan Wilbur, Alex Olson, 
Mike Genovese and Brian Collins all provided great 
leadership and hard work to the team. Key forwards 
throughout the year were Alex Olson, Bryan Wilbur 
and Mike Genovese. Kevin Devine provided strong 
defense and steadfast goal keeper Tommy Curtis was 
always reliable. Fast and physical play characterized 
the 2003-2004 season. With enormous depth and 
constant pressure on their opponents, the team came 
together even further as the season went on. As 
Bryan Wilbur said, "It was an honor to be on a team 
with such a proud and outstanding group of 
men." With their advantages of depth, 
passion, pride and skill, HHS Hockey had yet 
another great season. 

^Denotes Captain 


^ V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's our Hingham 
battle cry. 




ingham Ski Team's '03 -'04 season was a great success. The 
boys secured 3rd in their division in the Ski League East, while 
the girls team took 2nd place, qualifying for States. Adding to 
the success, the girls team won the A.J. McEachern trophy for 
the first time since 1999. Hingham was well represented at the 
Winter Bay State Games, sending five boys and six girls. The 
team's major rivals Notre Dame, B.C. High and Natick were abl 
to top the Hingham team. This winter, skiers endured frigid 
tempratures in their GS suits while awaiting slalom races at Blue 
Hills and attending weekaend races at Ragged Mountain. 
Coaches Mike Ryan and Kim Doble combination of enthusiast! 
racing skills and commitment resulted in unmatched coaching 
support. Captains Doug Randall and Suzy Barker, senior Catie 
Peterson, juniors Emily Doble, Heather Manning, Alexis Dale, 
Dan Clarke and Scott Dresser, and underclassmen P.J. Johnson, 
Joey Glennon, Kelly Polanski, Abby Peterson, and Pat Savery. 

ose knees.'ll move faster. The finish line. ..yes! ▼ 

Look at that stance! Suzy, Douggie, and Caitie smile on the slopes. ► 




• •)> 

Phelan, Feeley and George goof off between sprints. 

1 he Hingham Boy's Winter Track Team 
finished the season with a respectable 3-3. 
Senior captains Shaun Feeley and Kyle Morse 
dominated the high jump and shot put all 
season. Paul Bottone made a hefty 
contribution to the distance portion of the 
team. Unexpected, consistent points came 
from freshman Gaston Kelly in middle 
distance and junior Ian Kirk in distance. The 
high-scorer for the season was sophomore Pat 
Phelan, who ran middle distance. The team 
also put together a group of talented shot 
putters that are a consistent source of points 
for Hingham in the Patriot League and 
competitive all across the state. Kyle Morse, 
junior Tom Gushing, and freshman Jason 
MacDonald took 3rd and the State Class Me« 
and 5 th in the Maclntyre Elite State Relays. 

-*■ Raising the bar, literally. 

Paul Bottone 
i Paul takes 
the lead. 



i Mr. Jcwett talks strategy. Run. Don't walk. 

▼ Is this a gymnastics meet, or a track meet?! 





It was another successful season 
for the girl's winter track team 
lead by captains Sheena Marquis, 
Cheryl Flynn, Natalie 
Kimborowicz and senior Alii 
O'Leary. With the enthusiastic 
coaching of Ms. Kates and 
intense sideline cheering, the 
team completed a successful 4-2 
season. State qualifiers include J- 
Train, the Marquis distance duo, 
Liz Connor, Christie Lumbert, 
Jenny Ingersoll, Ashley Mills and 
Sam Lussier as well as Flynn and 
O'Leary. Never forget: Dance 
parties on the bus, "Like a 
Prayer", the Norwell boys 
replacing EB, hardcore eight 
minute abs, pasta dinners, and 
*bucks excursions. 

They're smiling now... but then, they haven't been outside yet! 

Chariots of fire! 



i Laura Reese 
is all smiles 
even during a 
tough work 


The track girls get in the zone. 

^Cheryl Flynn ^Natalie Kimborowitz *Sheena Marquis 

Alli O'Lear;- 

*Denotcs Captain 





ilHS had a young team this year, 
and only five wrestlers on the team hac 
more than two years experience. 
Seniors Mike Finneran, Alex O'Keefe, 
Dan Vilane, and Brennan Lincoln hav' 
done an excellent job at tournaments. 
Fmneran, O'Keefe, and Lincoln placec 
first, second and fourth, respectively ai 
Belmont and Dan Vilane placed secon- 
at Cohasset. Coached on by Mr. 
Durham, Mr. Cannif, Mr. Bertie and 
Mr. Daly, they look forward to 
defending their sectional title from lasi 
year and hope to place many wrestlers 
in the State Competition. 

i Brennan outmanuvers his 
opponent and moves into a pin. 



Alex has the situation under control. 

Bring it! Guy intimidates his opponent. ► 


-^ That's normal... 
*Mike Finneran *Brennan Lincoln 

*Alex O'Keefe 

Dan Vilanc 



^ Arctix^itie^s 







nkdicgy CLUb 


vJne day, Peeves the iguana fell off a log. This 
happens a lot. And thus our story continues. Once 
again, Biology Club has had a fun and productive year. 
At various times this year the room has hosted chickens, 
canaries, frogs, geckos, praying mantises, geraniums, 
bromeliads, other tropical plants, an asparagus fern, fish 
and mimosa as well as our pet. Peeves. We have 
investigated animal tracks and nature photography in 
addition to our usual activities of feeding the fish and 
watering the plants. The hope of bringing biology 
trivia into the ranks of competitive sports inspired the 
Biology Club and other interested students to 
participate in the Bio Olympiad in late January. 

^ Yelena, Mona, and Constance help make the plant feel better. 
Rock-a by. Peeves. '^ Ahh, too close to the light! ▼ 

^ I'm glad I don't shed like this... 

Paul is building a nest to house his young. 


^ ^^^Bk 



1 hroughout the year, Spanish Club has taught its 
members about the rich culture of Spain. This year has 
included numerous fundraisers for a trip to Spain in 
2005. Some activities include selling candy on "Dia de 
los Muertos," a raffle for Valentines Day, and a dinner 
part)' with traditional Spanish dishes. 

Well... at ► ^ 
least Jackie 

i Pedro has 
got Spam 
on the 

Presidents: Katelyn 
Carbone, Jackie Cartier 
Vict President: Katie 

Secretary: Susan 
I'allon, Andrew 

Treasurer: Rachael 
C jilbert, Maggie Karoff 

-^ The Spanish Club considers holdim 
their next meeting in Cancun. 


M&Ul T^QBm 

W inning record" and "Hingham Mathlecics" arc terms 
rarely found in the same sentence. Until this year, that is! This 
year's math team, thanks to a loaded roster headed by captains 
Ally Haas, Steve Jantzen and Paul D. Bottonc, dominated the 
division. It must be thanks to the new cheer, "e-to-the-x-dy-dx- 
e-to-the-x-dx! Cosine-secant-tangent-sine-3. 14159 e-i-radical- 
pi! Fight-'em-fight-'em-Hingham-High!" 

Never doubt the power of a TI-83. 

^ Steve proudly showcases the right answer. 
"^ Baisden returns to, uh... talking strategy.... 

' Danielle and Beth show big Mathletic 
I liles. 

Hey, that's what I got, too 

i How 
big is 
Megan and 

ponder the 
of math. 



• • 


JDeing tired of belonging to a club which has previously 
vacillated in and out of existence, members decided that this 
year book club must exist! After months of sporadic planning 
they met for the first time in January to discuss Harry Potter 
and the Sorcerer's Stone (or Philosopher's if you happen to be 
feeling British.) It has been a year of good books and good 

■^ "Hey look, 
gullible isn't in 
the dictionary." 

addicted to 
reading ► 

A couple of enthusiastic bookies. 

"Time for my daily 
dosage of reading." ► 


Ilanor Society 

i his year's NHS constituents have been hard at work serving both the instituion 
of learning and the hamlet. They have been working closely with the Hingham 
Interfaith Food Pantry, sorting food and soldering packages for patrons. In 
conjunction with the rest of HHS, officiated an extremely successful non- 
parishable foods drive for the pantry this autumn. NHS has also been dynamically 
involved with the Hingham Public Library. During the summer months, members 
enlisted in the leadership of Pajama Story Hour, reading to and amusing amusing 
the younger generations. They also composed an appreciation luncheon to 
commend the media personnel for their excellent services to the student 
community. NHS is lead by Katie Donovan (President), Adam Traina (Vice- 
President), Ketan Gajria (Secretary), and Doug Randall (Treasurer), and advised b)- 
Ms. Perelman. 

Nat, exhibiting his National Honor. ▼ 

i Russ taxes his 

energies at the 

non- parishables table. 

These guys have got 
the goods. ▼ 

NHS girls are 
jubilant after th 




2003-2004 Traces 

Smoothing out a coiia table. ► 




H-"^- W r' 



*■ Can you hear the roar? 

Brian built this lawn chair 
for those long summer 
days. ► 

II — tert 

\ v^ 

!V *f 



i A go cart in the making... just need the wheels, and the brakes... 



.- 1.; ■■- J 

"— -^ 1 If — 





witl/s^ IK s^ile^ 

GoiUlien Kqr Society 

V hat can be said about the Great Golden Key Society? An 
abhshed institution at Hingham High, the Golden Key Society 
:ked up after all three lunches. The group was a force to be reckoned 
th, as they educated the students of Hingham on the 
^her points of how to: I)pick up your trash and 2) put it in the 
■bage cans. Job well done, team! 

Jamie is too 
busy to have his 
picture taken. ► 

i These guys 
know trash. 




SizxIentB A^iinEt; UesiTtictsve VeBcsBkxm 

Katelvn is quite the paradox: glad at SADD. 

Allison contemplates the consequences 
of poor decisions. ▼ 

X hroughout the year SADD 
(^Students Against Destructive 
Decisions) has been working to 
promote the theme "Thmk about 
it" to the students of Hingham 
High School. Led by presidents 
Katelyn Carbone and Allison 
Mayer, the club has tackled many 
projects m the last few years. Last 
year, SADD worked with the town 
to produce the Mock Accident. 
This year, the club is working to 
promote SADD's cause along with 
starting a pledge to "Take Away the 


^ Rachel discusses 
ideas for upcoming 

craves in2ooi. DoNT BtANOTHER Statotict 

Massachusetts contributed WdA. Each 
iWfcprrtjepresents one life lost, 




•tiJ M 


% <% 


I Jl dKr If i 



Habitat fbr Humanitjr 

llabitat for Humanity, founded bv 
Danielle Pastuszack and Sheena 
Marquis, has three goals: fundraising, 
educating the community and helping 
to build homes for deserving families. 
With the help of Mrs. Duffy and 
Mrs. Marcks, this year was off to a 
good start! The large turnout of 
underclassmen indicates that the HHS 
Habitat chapter is sure to continue. 

i Okay, Danielle... put the hammer down! 

"^ot exactly your average 
I nstruction workers, eh? "▼■ 

'Extreme Makeover: The Home Edition"} Yeah, we make you look lame. 



VClllI1t3MF QUb 

i he Volunteer Club is an organization dedicated to serving the 
community. Lead by advisor Kara Roth, members involve themselves in 
visitmg the elderly, taking part in bottle and can drives, and beginning 
new service projects. Senior Paul Bottone is in charge of coordinating 
events with Cohasset Knoll Nursing Home while juniors Carolyn 
Jefferies and Brittany McBane work with Cardinal Cushing and the 
Mary Martha Learning Center to set up various functions. In 
addition, junior Leah Larned heads Project Blue Pack in order to raise 
money for children in Afghanistan. Finally, the president, senior Emily 
Amrhein, works to oversee all club activities. The past year has been 
very successful for all the volunteers. The intense Bingo games each 
Friday afternoon as well as the caroling at Christmas time stand out 
among other events. As a group, the club members have grown close to 
those they have come in contact with and will continue to work to 
improve the community. 

Ketan is the bowling pin 
master. ► 

i Leslie Osborne sets up 
the next Bowler. 



O.E.A. (Students tor Environmental Action) is a club tor students who are 
committed to recycling the school's paper, bottles, and cans. 1 his is 
^ accomplished by supplying green boxes to each classroom in order to 

facilitate the recycling of paper products. Periodically, the students collect 
the contents of these boxes to bring to the dump. In addition, each 
Thursday members meet at the cafeteria to sort through the glass and 
plastic bottles as well as redeemable and non redeemable cans. These, too, 
are brought to the dump for recycling. This dedicated group includes Ms. 
i Case, our school librarian, seniors Riane Herlihy, Jackie Cartier, and Nicole 
w Larned as well as juniors Leah Lamed and Nathan Cassiani. 

^ Leah transfers a few plastic bottles 
to their proper home. 

SEA members are bottle blowing 
musicians. ▼ 

i. Recycling bins: NOT tor your 
trash. Recyclables only! 



Oince the Gay-Straight AHiance (GSA) was founded at HHS in 1998, it has 

enjoyed a growing presence within the community due to increased 

membership, and subsequently, visibility and mfluence. The club spread a 

message of tolerance, unity and respect as they attended the IC' Anniversan' 

Forum hosted by the Governor's Commission of Gay and Lesbian youth, held 

monthly movie nights, represented the 

Hingham chapter in the Youth Pride 

March in Boston and BAGLY Prom in 

Boston City Hall and even sponsored 

the nonprofit organization SpeakOut. 

GSA Advisor, Mr. Lalli and 

coordmators Jennifer Brady, Mary 

Sullivan, Nathan Cassiani and Leah 

Larned thank everyone for their 

support and anticipate a bright future 

tor the club. 

^ Ms. Case, Ms. O'Connor and Jen 
Brady under the half shell. 
i Why are there so many songs about 
Spread equality! ► 



The Intergenerational Club: Fun for ages 2 to 92! 


i Cadence 



flash their 




Model UN: 
Food, friends 


d fun! 

(Oh, and 

1 he Model United Nations club provides students 
with a chance to debate current issues facing the 
UN and try to find a resolution. This year at the 
Harvard Model United Nations, HHS represented 
two countries: Micronesia and the Solomon Islands. 
Led by Mr. Kirkcaldy, the club spent Thursday 
through Sunday at the Park Plaza in Boston, 
attending meetings at the hotel and at Har^'ard. 
Presidents Amy Long, Cadence Willse, and Liz 
Brennan are also taking the club to New York City 
for a visit to the actual UN. 

Its that time of year again- 
Conference time! and the holidays, 
but who's paying attention?"^ 

■^ These juniors know the importance oi world issues. 

^ Rachel and Liesl prove that you can pass 
ust about anything with a smile. 


QubB ^'- 

Stuctent Gov^rmwiit 

1 he student council is involved in a wide 
variety of activities. Each subcommittee faces 
their own responsibilities. Appreciation, led 
by President Julie Guerra, is involved in teacher 
and quote of the month. Vice-President Suzy 
Barker leads the fundraising committee, which 
earns money from raffles, the candy cane sale, 
and Crush cans. The community service group, 
handled by Secretary Emily Amrhein, unites 
the council with the South Shore through 
various organizations such as Cohasset Knoll, 
Handi-Kids, Christmas in the City, Relay for 
Life, Cardinal Cushing, and walks tor breast 
cancer, hunger, and hospice. Kelly McGreevy, 
treasurer, heads the spirit committee in pep- 
rallies, spirit week and holiday decorations. As 
a whole, the student council prepares the Lip 
Synch and Mr. Hingham High. Throughout 
the year, members attend three conferences: 
SEMASC (fall and spring), and the weekend 
long MASC conference. 

Hmm . . . Do 

you think it's a 
coincidence that 
they're all 
wearing the 
same shirt? ► 

What's so funny, Emily? 


enior Student Council members listen with rapt attention as Emily and Katie show they're Hingham Superfans 
iture plans are discussed. "^ at Homecoming 2003. ▼ 

Treasurer: Jamie Landers 

6tnior &t(\^s$ Officers 




Amerk^an F^^xl Service 

1 he HHS American Field Service Club has long focused on getting 
to know different cultures, both domestic and mternational. 
Members have welcomed students from countries all around the 
world, mcluding Germany and Thailand, as well as traveled 
throughout the USA. Under the leadership of President Riane 
Herlihy, Vice-President Jeanette Pollara, Treasurer Erin Smith, and 
Secretaries Christie Clarke and Caitlin Massey, this year's leaf-rake and 
Dance-A-Thon were successful fund raisers for the annual trip. After 
prior visits to Ohio, New York and North Carolina, this years 
exchange with Evergreen Park, Illinois is a fantastic end for the seniors 
four years with this club. 

The club members flash friendly smiles to greet the students they are hosting. 


i Erin and Jeanette pose with their host. 
▼ Are they leaf-raking or Greg-raking? 

-^ Annie and Christie have AhS in then- 

^orn in Carolina in my mind..." 




/\mnesty International is an international human rights group. The club is run by co-presidents Stacy Epstein and Cheryl 
Flynn, secretary Sheena Marquis and Treasurer Caitlin LeBlanc. Other seniors who participate include Alii O'Leary, Kyle 
McAlpine, Mike Babin, Ashley Bargende, Jackie Cartier, Sarah Rathnam, and Erin Leary. Throughout the year the Amnesty 
Chapter at Hingham High attends the Regional 
Conference for the Northeast, writes petitions, holds 
movie nights and attends other human rights events in 
the area. 

The senior girls raise money at Homecoming. ► 

-^ Stacy and Cheryl cxplammg the 
Amnesty cause. 

Caitlm IS readmg a Layla Zana petition. 

^ Ms. Roth explams to the 
group the importance of the 




Anti BeUmmAkyn League 

i he Anti-Defamation League at the High School has been 
devoted to opening up dialogue between students about tough 
issues since it began. Peer facilitators are trained to lead discussions 
about racism, heterosexism, classism, and other such pertinent issues. 
Because of their special role at HHS, facilitators share strong 
bonds strengthened by long meetings and training sessions, pizza 
dinners, and never-ending 
field trips. This year, the club 
expanded to participate in 
additional service-based 
activities such as can drives 
and leaf raking. Under the 
strong leadership of Mr. 
Jewett and Mrs. Krall, ADL 
continues to leave a strong 

Elizabeth listens carefully to a discussion on community service opportunities. ► 



Xinit(^tion is t/ve fiiafie^siifc^rm of fttx-tte-rti 


Improv Troupe 2004: Schtick happens. 



1 he Hingham High School Jazz Band enjoyed anothe 
swingin year with blaring horns and a blazing rhythm 
section. Covering material from Duke Ellington to Mati 
Dahan, the band's repertoire continued to grow every 
Tuesday night. Solos featuring Nat Seelen, Sean Feeley, 
Russell O'Connell (among others) enjoyed the support 
Matt Dahan, Lou Arnos and Greg Settino's driving 
rhythm. This year, the band participated m the 
renowned North American Music Festival in New York 
City. The jazz band also played the Cohasset Art Show 
and numerous High School concerts. Keep swingin'! 

Lou is 
jammin' up 
a storm. ► 


^^^ fl 





S€.. ^., 

< '-tM r<|i:,'^f 

1 rmgrn 


-. .-.^ 

ii i Neil strums 
the blues away. 

i All that 
Jazz.. .yea baby. 

The Saxaphone 
section practices a 
piece. ▼ 

-*■ Matt IS playing it cool 
Real cool. 


i Roger T 

j^. Led by stage managers Alii O'Learv, Natalie 
at. HicT . . ^ 

Kimborowicz, and Steve Jantzen, the crew also included 

seniors Adam Traina, Sarah Rathnam, Chervl Fl\-nn, Kyle 

McAlpine, Stacy Epstein, Erm Leary, Nicole Earned, 

Mitch Gianoni and Danielle Pastuzak. The crew made the 

stage a safe place for all cast members with the efficient 

scene changes during shows. The antics among the crew 

never seemed to cease in the wings with the left side/ 

strong side rivalry and the attempts to always one-up the 

originality of the curtain call. 

that, Big 
We've got 
a 490 
with the 
\ our ten- 

▼ Joe, 


standing on toot! 



Angela on her way to shed 
light on the situation. ► 

If only I could sit on one of 
these instead of carrying it. ^ 

-^ Jims 





The 2003-04 Hingham High School 
Chorus was comprised of over 100 
musicians, from freshman to seniors. Lead 
by conductor Dr. Paul Cappers, they 
sang an impressive collection of styles, 
ranging from popular to spiritual. In 
their Major Works Concert they 
featured over a dozen soloists as they 
performed Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass. 
Their annual trip this year was to 
London, England, where they sang in 
various legendary sites, including 
Canterbury Cathedral. The student 
leaders were Matt Dahan (president), 
Stacey Epstein (vice president), Katie 
Gassert (secretary), Rachel Litvak (P.R 
Suzanne Connelly (librarian), and Pat 

^ The bass section represents. 
▼ Katie and Alex practice their 

Hi Pat! ► 

Christin gives her best on-stage smile. -^ Neil, looking stylish in his black tie. -^ Suzzanne is excited to sing. 


^ Matt and Stacy sing Haydn's solos as 
hey were meant to be sung. 






BKaJi^^i^ ^H^H^H 


V~^. ST 11 

^.^ e^ ^^I^J^I 

l^HT--;^ -'«>^^ 

^^ X. J^^ 

mS ^^^H 


«.,■ ""^mL 

i he 2003-2004 Dance Team really brought audiences to their 
feet. Lead by Captains Kelly McGreevy and Lauren MacArthur, 
as well as seniors Haley Prendergast, Suzi McGinn, and Shannon 
Whitehead the girls focused broke up the floor with their fun 
and flashy moves. The Dance Team memorably performed 
"Thriller" at one of the boys' basketball games with finesse. The 
uniform jumpmg, moon walking, and ball and chainmg was a 
true pleasure to see. 

i Lauren works on her 
bend and snap. 

-*■ Lconi 

^ Marissa and her 

doesn't need 


dance lessons! 


-*■ Suzi, Haley, and Shannon are Dancing Queens. 

-^ Emma practices the 
airplane move. 


Halev struts to her next position. 

These girls have ripped up the dance floor. 

I Shannon poses in the middle of the number. 

Leoni, Marissa, and Megan at Dance team try-outs. 



Wver the past four years the Hingham High School concert 
band members have grown into a tight knit musical family. 
Under the direction of Mr. Wachoupe's swinging stick and 
pounding foot, the ensemble has come to know and love their 
music and fellow musicians. Whether rocking out to "Chorale 
and Shaker Dance" in sunny Williamsburg, screaming through 
a fifteen minute program in Philadelphia, or freezing our 
clarinets off in Montreal's botanical gardens, a hell of a good 
time was had by all. So practice your scales, always watch the 
stick, and have a great rest of your life. 

Russell preps to play. 


Andra and Lucy play their clarinets with clarit)'. 



What instrument is tharV. 

Danielle and Leah have bigger smiles than anv other vvoodwinclers! 

What flavor reed is that, Sarah? 

Kyle and Cheryl fight over 
who plays clarinet first! 

■*■ Kctan and I )oug 
have a jam session. 



. Jl!/vety member of the orchestra has good memories 

* of the concerts, rehearsals, and especially the trips in 
which this organization is involved. The trips have 

{ been wonderful opportunities to visit and play in 
other cities such as Williamsburg, Baltimore, 
Philadelphia, Montreal, and this year. New York 
City. These dedicated students are led by president 
Paul D. Bottone, vice-president Katherine Ells, 
secretary Ashley Bargende, and treasurer Caitlin 
LeBlanc. However, nobody is as dedicated as 

* conductor Phaedre Sassano, who, among other 
things, volunteers her time outside of school for the 

j symphony, which combines the talents of both band 
, and orchestra. 

Lou has that brooding musician look. ► 

See how the light hits Constance's hair 
at just the right angle? That's photography 
ladies and gentlemen. ▼ 


▼ C-E-L-L-O! 

Katie has quite the set of strings 

i Emily and 
Ahx are 
proud of 
rheir dorch 


'r^ t^ 





-004 2G04 

2004 «nr 

2004 o,.".,- 
>004 c^o04 '^^'- 

SQ04 ^^^'^ ^^^* 

I' i 

2004 SU 

2004 ^^^^'* 2004 

gQ04 2004 

aoo* . '^ 

•;:uU4 2U04 

2004 •'' 

, -^^* 2004 



4 r>Cli»4 

289«* ,H 



1 he Drama Club is a melting pot of performers. Lead by Co- 
presidents Pat Campbell and Katie Gassert, the drama club has wowed 
the crowd for years. This year, under the direction of John Higgins the 
club presented Crazy for You, starring Matt Dahan, Katie Gassert, Katie 
Boutilier, Nat Seelan, and Pat Campbell. They were supported by 
seniors Russell O'Connell, Dan Perrault, Elizabeth Ritchie, Lauren 
Hamel, Katelyn Carbone, Katie Donovan, Jasmine Plouffe, Lauren 
MacArthur, and Danielle Pastuzak, as by well as assistant director, 
Nicole Larned. Some said it was the best show put on in Hingham High 
history. The club has also been very successful with the bottle and can 
drive as well as the memorable all-nighter at the Drama Lock-In. The 
annual trip to New York promises to be fun when they see De La 
Guarda, Moving Out, and Thoroughly Modern Milly Remember 
Wednesday night rehearsals, grandma Olga's cookies, and bonding! 

Caitie and Lauren swear they didn't plan the outfit. 

Dan, George and Katie are Crazy For You! [Ov maybe just crazy 


^ Nicole takes a note from the director. 
Lauren's just glad it wasn't her this time. 

Katelyn and Elizabeth say "Ta dal" 

Jasmine dances her heart out. 


So... which is the real Bella Zangler? 







f w 


1 he Outer Limits is the official Literary' 
Magazine of Hingham High. The Magazine 
collects poems, stories, pictures, and works of 
art created by students and compiles them into 
a single book. Lead by junior Leah Lundbcrg 
and advised by Mrs. Fennelly, the Outer Limits 
proves to be a refined magazine full of 
exceptional works. 

4 There's nothing funny about 
it! We have a magazine to make. 

i Mrs. Fennelly supervising, as usual. 




1 he highlight of most students' week is 
not in class, or on the stage, or on the 
field, it's the Friday Show. Every day 
after school, Mr. Thaxter's TV 
Production students and many others 
work on pieces for the Friday Show. 
These videos entertain, inform, and 
educate the student body about 
happenings at FiHS. Many videos also 
promote school events. Regular 
contributors to the show are Emma 
Lydon, Hawley Shea, John Paget, Jeff 
Gabriel, Tommy Curtis, Chris Cheu, Justin 
Weinstein, and students of TVP II. 

i "Ground control to 
major Dahan." 

The Cheu-Man and the Mixing Machine. 


Seruor VJdeo 

i Mr. Thaxter showing Mike 
the ropes. 

"Hey Scott! What's 
so fiunny?" ► 

enior Video captures all our high school memories 
throughout the year to DVD and videotape. 1 he members 
of the Senior Video Class plus several other seniors, videotape 
sports events, pep rallies, music and drama productions, 
dances, as well as seniors in and outside of school. After 
hours of hard work, brainstorming, selecting video clips, and 
editing they produce the Class of 2004 Senior Video. 
Thanks goes to the Senior Video Students: Mike Barra, 
Caitlin Childs, Nichole Coady, Tommy Curtis, Jake Elliot, 
Steve Fiske, Branden Gay, Jeanette Pollara, Scott Wessen, and 
advisor Mr. Thaxter. 


Pep rally! 
Sandwich! ■ 

Brian and Brian look foreward to 
getting out of English class. ► 


^ Erica, Emily, and Melissa 
enjoying their study period. 

Sean having a good 
time at lunch. ► 





*«•><■ pn^^^^^^^^^i^n^^^^^^^^B 







-« .^ 



i Caroline is clap-happy. 
Courtney speedily walking 
to her next class. ▼ 


QubB -^^mm- 

W g Mi ^^1 Ml, m^M * ^i Afa 


1 his year the Harborlight celebrated its 40^*" 
anniversary with the production of the most 
frequent, highest quaHty and largest issues in its 
history. An entirely student run publication, 
the Harborlight is created almost monthly by 
the joint efforts of twenty five reporters, 
photographers and editors from both the 
journalism class and after school staff The 
staff is particularly proud of publishing its 
first summer issue for freshman orientation in 
August and of the assistance it provided 
Plymouth River Elementary School in getting 
their paper off the ground. Ms. Fennelly's 
sustained contribution as Advisor and the 
leadership of Jennifer Brady as Editor-in- 
Chief, Andrew Galvin as News Editor, Gizelle 
Robinson and Mary Sullivan as Graphics and 
Photography Editors and Suzy Barker and 
Vicki Lee as Features Editors have improved 
the Harborlight exponentially, from funding 
and distribution to coverage and quality. 

i Mary is all smiles... maybe it's 
because the issue is finally finished! 

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! 

Jen needs a good laugh after that last deadline. 


What story are you doing? 

Gisele take notes on story ideas. ► 



• • • 

Its 8:4 1 p.m. and I'm still at school. Call it perfectionism 
call it idiocy, call it an obsession. It probably is. Yearbook 
brings out the best and worst in people. It's high stress, high 
pain, and low recognition. We tried our darndest, and here is 
the product of our sweat. Props go out to C.P., Katelyn, 
and Jenna, the Copy editors, Boutie and Constance, the 
layout editors, George and Riane, the photography editors, 
Business editors Liesl and Steveo, and artist- Pat. Special 
thanks to Silva and Audet who were always least 
until 4.. .they aren't here now.. .We've learned a lot from the 
class of 2004. Mostly that the word "deadline" means 
nothing to anyone. Ever. But now it's 9:01, and I'm out. 

high school 
student in 
Its natural 
habitat: the 

Yes, we 
are the 
and proud 
of It. ► 


outie and Nicole are only smiling because it: 
not a deadline day. 

Yearbook Roadies. ..We don't know why they were there. ..they just were. 
Courtney. Adam Ellie Ham 

.and Nat. 



opening Page 

m tr 


Lauren Alcarez 

Julie Amrhein 

Stefanie Andrews 

Steven Anliot 

Lianna Baimas-George 

Andrew Barbieri 

Thomas Beauregard 

Rebecca Bellew 

Marianne Black 

Jason Blair 

Samuel Blakey 

Lauren Blanchard 

Joanna Borr 

Stephanie Bowler 

John Bowman 

Elrzabeth Brennan 

Kyle Burden 

Margaret Buttkus 

Douglas Bycoff 

Gregory Campbell 

Timothy Carr 

Nathan Cassiani 

Amanda Cheney 

Christopher Cheu 

Paul Cho 

Meredith Clark 

Daniel Clarke 

Taylor CoUins 

Class d 2005 

Rory Condron 

Kelley Costello 

Thomas Cushing 

Alexis Dale 

Antonio Delasmorenas 

Emily Doble 

Meghan Doyle 

Scott Dresser 

Ryan Driscoll 

Sarah Eaton 

Jennifer Eberle 

Megan Eberle 

Elesse Eddy 

Nicholas Englehart 

Patrick Fagundus 

Kristm Fahy 

Susan Fallon 

Michelle Fiske 

Jacqueline Fraher 

Christine French 

Hunter Freyer 




^EO/:^^E:S^ THE LEA^T W01^<." 

"My rAY<^^TE tHiH<^ to >o at HH^ \^ 

TO ^L\r OK C<^^ri~\KE^ r^OM THE 
>1^AMA OLO^ET AH> iHTEl^ai>t^T 
^EOJ^LE^ <$^-^L0<)< OLA:^:S^E:S^." 








Jennifer Galvin 

Michael Gasper 

Cassandra Gendron 

Michael Genovese 

Mike Gervasi 

Jaclyn Giacchetti 

Sara Giberson 

Samuel Gillespie 

Andrew Glavin 

Jennifer Gomez 

Michael Goulet 

Samantha Graney 

Jacob Hagstrom 

William Hanson 

Cailin Harris 

Marisa Harris 

Jessica Hatfield 

Anna Healey 

Alexandra Herman 

Madeline Hobbs 

Hannah Hogan 

Amanda Homgan 

Alexandra Hosea 

Richard Hovsepian 

Alix Howie 

Catherine Hurley 

Angela Hwang 

Jennifer Ingersoll 

AT ^TA^^a<s<:S r<c>i^ S 

">a^^H<3^ THE ^aMMEl^ \ <^0 TO <}KCIA^ CAIA^. ^<?<?H I'LL ^E THE^E ALL THE 11 ME'. 


Carla Irazuzta 
Lindsey Itzkowitz 
Carolyn Jeffries 
Sarah Johnson 
Janiic Kalinan 
Nicholas Katz 
Brett Kaye 

Molly Keif 
Ian Kirk. 
Travis Knudson 
Tyler Knudson 
Patrick Kracunas 
Andra Kubulins 
Cornelieke Lammers 

Rachel Litvack 
Amy Long 
Leah Lundberg 
Tara Lundie 
Emma Lydon 
Keith MacKenzie 
Daniel Mac\ arish 

Kevin Magner 
Theresa Mancnso 
Heather Manning 
Monica Marchione 
Kristen Marino 
EmiJ)' Marshall 
Allison Mayer 






*>* ^M 


f '' 

L ^'. 

1 ' y-e 



mm i^ 




Yeah •Hi:ST<^^Y >Ef-ACTMEK11" 

"My eay^^te -rHH<^ a^oct HH^ 

\i. :S>HOW (O^ <$0L>) >AY^ Off." 


Garrett McCready 

Shane McDonough 

Caitlin McGovern 

Patrick McGuirk 

Stephanie Mclntyre 

Elizabeth Mellors 

Jennifer Messina 

Alissa Mezzetti 

Kevin Miller 

Ashley Mills 

Mona Minkara 

Micaela Mirabassi 

Caroline Monahan 

Jamie Morris 

Alexandra Moshier 

Kari Mruz 

John Murphy 

Katlyn Murray 

Jennifer Nielsen 

Stephen O'Connor 

Thomas O'Donnell ^^ 

Leslie Osborn 

Dylan Perry 

Megan Perry 

Matthew Pierce 

Brock Pilgrun 

Nichole Pinkus 

Jade Plouffe 

"My fayo^te 
THiH<^ A^oar 


3 Make to fAAi^^ACHi^^^-r-r^. my Mom ^m> i 

HA> TO WAT -TL 1 "WA^ 1 S." 



Matthew Quadros 
Bnan Quinlan 
Ryan Railton 
Grcgor)- Rando 
Laura Rccsc 
Elconorc Rocll 
Mario Romania 

Lia Roih 
Kena Roxas 
MoUic Ruben 
Danielle Russell 
Kavne R\an 
K\'ic R\an 
Ted Schvvart/. 

Samuel Shaefcr 
Stefanic Sheehan 
Colleen Solt\s 
Christine Sow^rda 
Margot Spatola 
Robert Stearns. 
Michael Stewart 

Hope Sullivant 



Angela Traficante 

Douglas Trcmblav 

Nicole Tucker-Wigmore 



Till X'an Gemmercn 

Danielle \ an Strien 

Andrew \ 'ickers 

Courtne\' Wasson 

Megan Watson 

Aaron W'eiscr- Woodward 

Danielle Wheeler. 
Elizabeth Whitney 
Whitney Williams 
Cadence Willse 
Kirstcn Wilson 
Michelle Wilson 

V<^K THE rO<>>, it \/A^ THE ^^^r YA<:AT0K EVE^!" 

"\H Hi^^TO^Y i <EE^ MYrS^ELE AWA<E ^Y OOaHTK^ 
>EA> ?-^E:^>EHT^. in Oa^^EHT EVEHT^ \ <:oaHT 
UYE <^HE^ (i EALL A^SEEEf^ :$^<C><$>HEQ" 


Joseph Albert 
Kimberlee AUegra 
Kimberly Allen 
Abigail Andrus 
Joseph Baglione 
Thomas Barbieri 
Caitlin Bardsley 

Michael BattagKa 

Johnna Beebe 

Jenn Berger 

Molly Bittrolff 

Caitlin Bixby 

Ian Black 

Patricia Blake 

Claire Boland 

Ryan Boney 

Amy Bongiomo 

James Brady 

Emily Brown 

Sarah Brown 

Emily Bulman 

Christopher Burke 

KeUy Burke 

Robert Burns 

Arthur Butler 

Patrick Cadigan 

Kayla Calhoun 

Caitlin Campbell 

Class d 2006 

Michael Campbell 

Meghan Carbone 

Lauren Cardenas 

Rashad Charles 

Rono Chatterjee 

Tyler Clinton 

Ted Cochran 

Alison Collins 

Hilary Collms 

Sean Collms 

Elizabeth Conner 

Katelyn Conte 

Alex Corey 

Caitlin Corey 

John Corey 

Joseph Craven 

Cornelius Creahan 

Jaclyn Criscuolo 

Jenna Cristello 

John Cullen 

Allison Curley 


M<E OAMf-^ELL \^ MY 
-"AYO^TE THH^ A^<C>aT HH^" 

- J<>E <SiAHOH 

Jacob Dankncr 
Allyson Dasilva 
Brian Dcvine 
Patrick Donovan 
Ferris Draouil 
Wesley l^rcw 
Alana Driscoll 

John Duff 
Robert Ebata 
Jocelvn Edcns 
Caroline Edmiindson 
Zack Eicoff 
Matias I:/.cuiTa 
C^amcron berrante 

James Ferrucci 
Peter Fiascone 
Knsta biore 
Jef fre\- Fish 
Diiland I-iihian 
Scan Fit/.maiince 
Thomas Flanagan 



Chad Fletcher 

Courtney Foley 

Conor Forbes 

Jeffrey Gabriel 

Sara Gassert 

Michael Gaughen 

Joseph Gianoni 

Edward Gill, Jr. 

Caitlyn Glasheen 

Joseph Glennon 

Heather Gray 

Emily Grebenstein 

Jillian Guihan 

Jennifer Hall 

Brendan Hamel 

Maren Handorf 

Joanne Hanlon 

Megan Hardey 

Jonathan Harlow 

Darren Hazeltine 

Daniel Hebert 

Matthew Hession 

Meghan Hibbard 

Kevin Higgtns 

Henry Hobbs 

Andrew Hodgkins 

David Hoelschen 

Stephanie Hoelschen 

1 u<E TO 5^^EA< oar MY floahe^s^ ah> 


"OHO^a^ \^ MY FAVO^TE CLA^^ 
- TEAM TEHO^" - CHm^ ^. 



Nathan Hoinan 
Charles Hovscpian 
Patricia higoldsby 
Mcaglian Jennings 
Phdip Johnson 
Emil\- Johnston 
Nicholas Jones 

Jennifer Kahane 
Maggie Karoff 
Ryan Kennedy 
Dan Kenv'on 
Kvla Kessener 
Ted KunbalJ 
Edward King 

Courtney Kingston 
Emil\- Knox 
Brian Leah\' 
Meghan Lear\' 
Robert Lee 
James Lemonias 
Aaron Levin 

Colm Lincoln 
Hannah Lincoln 
Erica Lindberg 
Christiana Lumbert 
Samantha Lussier 
Brandon Luttinger 
Douglas MacCallum 

WILL ALWAY:^^ -^EMEM^EI^ VNUH<^ M^ W<^OLEY^ l^a^^A TE^^T' 

'My rAY<^^TE THiH<^ A^<?m HH^ i<^ OLO^SE ^A^<iH<$' - 

Oa^ai^et. \r^ 


<cooL HH^S^ 

:STiL>EHT:S >0." 


KuTiberly MacCune 

Cori MacDonald 

Caitlin Marquis 

Ashley Matron 

Caittyn McCaUum 

Tyler McDonald 

Katherine McGrath 

Sterling McLean 

Erin McNichols 


Hillary Meahl 

Amanda Melia 

Francis Messina 

Marc Meyer 

Jessica Mezzetti 

Michael MiUer 

Ashley Mirabassi 

William Monahan 

Johnna Montillio 

Angelina Moschella 

Rachael Mosher 

James Mucci 

Brian Muldoon 

Alana Mulieri 

Alexandra Murphy 

Jessica Murphy 

Michael Murphy 

Jason Nelson 

Anne Newman 

Mary Newman 

EUen O'Dea 

Victoria O'Dohert^'-Popp 

Walter O'DonneU 

Amanda O'Neil 


Catherine O'NciU 
David Orontc 
Jonathan Pappalardo 
Necla Pattavina 
Andrea Peraino 
Vladislav Pctrov-Kondratov 
Gerald Phelan 

Jessica Pugliesi 
Anne Pungitore 
Bcnjainin Rabinovitz 
Hope Rathnam 
Colleen Ricketts 
Gillian Riggs 
Michael Riley 

Rebecca Risko 
Matthew Rocco 
Andrew Ryan 
Christopher Ryan 
Howard Sanborn 
Elizabeth Sanderson 
Michael Scott 

Tyler Scullen 
Natalie Sheehan 
Andrew Shennan 
Kimberly Shorey 
Sandra Sica 
Anna Slocum 
Max Slygh 

Benjamin Smith 
Breda Smith 
Christina Sorgi 
Rachael Spiess 
Margaret Starsiak 
Amanda Stearns 
Robin Stuart-Tillev 

Elizabeth Sz\Tnan 
Brian Thompson 
Jocelyn Traina 
Carolyn Trogele 
Adam Ulchak 
Douglas Uretsky 

Molly Walker 
Andrea Ward 
Hayley Wells 
Casey Weston 
Katie White 
Kelly Whitehead 

Alexandra Williams 
amcs Wilson 
Steven Wojtasinski 
Justin Wulf 
Scott Young 



Michael AchiUe 

Christopher Ahem 

Kaitlin Ahem 

Abigail Alderman 

Charlotte Alger 

Erin Anderson 

Julianne Ast 

Maria Baimas-George 

Nicholas Baldasarre 

Geoffrey Baltera 

Alexander Bargende 

Marisa Barr 

Alexa Bartis 

John Beal 

Jacob Borr 

Julie Bowler 

Kevin Brady 

Stephanie Braley 

Emily Brennan 

Jessica Burbridge 

Jacquelyn Burke 

Cl^sd 2007 

Alden Bush 

Nicholas Bush 

Alysia Campbell 

Benjamin Carr 

Laura Centanni 

Matthew Cerundolo 

Anna Chapin 

HAH^^ oar WITH rHBK E^EH>^ AH> 
TOI> or THAT ^BH^ A^LE TO 4l^^r ^ELAX 
AH> ^LBB^ \H\^ ^l\CH A 000> EEEUHO." 


Jeremiah Chapin 
Mark Cheney 
Jennifer Cheu 
Matthew Chin 
EHsabeth Christino 
Tyler Ciovacco 
David Clarke 

Timothy CoUeran 
April Conkey 
Annmarie Corey 
Patricia Coyne 
Kate Crenier 
Zach Crossen 
John Crowley 

Paul Crowley 
George Cuchural ill 
Margaret Daly 
Thomas Datillo 
Lauren Devine 
Ryan Dillis 
Abigail Dirksmeicr 

BenjaiTiin Dodaro 
Kerri Doherrv- 
Brianna Driscoll 
Patrick Driscoll 
Stephanie Duchesneau 
Conor Dwyer 
Michael Eagan 

Will Eagan 
Kathr^'n Egan 
Charles Eisenbies 
Brianne Elinof f 
Laura EUs 
Derek Englebrctsen 
Julie Epstein 

Adam Fairbanks 
Nicole Finneran 
Tiffany Fiore 
Elizabeth Fitzgerald 
Jonathan Fh'nn 
Elizabeth Foley 
Conor Fortin 

Christopher Frahcr 
Richard French 
Shaan Gajria 
Ryan Gallagher 
Alexandra Garrity 
Brendan Garrity 
Jessica Gasper 

Emily Georges 
Laura Giberson 
Samuel Gilbert 
Abigail Glenzcl 
David Gomez 
Anna Gratta 
Mark Gratta 


LaH<SHE:S: EA-nH<^ iH THE Hl:\>^' 

"i u<E Keai^h^ a ^P'Y hovel ^Y 

THE fl^E I^LAOE Cl^KLB-> af- iH A 

- Matt Ma^^hall 

Kristm Haas 

Benjamin Hagstrom 

Rebecca Haley 

Whitney Hall 

LeRoy Hammerstrom 

Abigail Harris 

Alexandra Hastings 

Kaelin Holland 

Brian Holmes 

Sarah Holmgren 

Benjamin Hopkins 

Ross Hunt 

Meredith Hurley 

Alexandra Ippolito 

Michael Jantzen 

Danielle Jenkins 

Heather Johnston 

Christopher Jones 

Sara Kalman 

Matthew Kearney 

John Kelliher 

Gaston Kelly 

Jennifer Kelly 

Jennifer Kmg 

Maximillian Kirby 

Ashley Knudson 

Bridget LeBlanc 

Matthew Leonard 

Samuel Lind 

Scott Lipsett 

Edward Long 

Melissa Luoma 

Alicia Lynch 

Morgan Lynch 

Brendan MacArthur 

Anne Maclver 

Dennis Malone 

Patrick Manian 

James Marcella 

Trevor Marsden 

Katherine Marshall 

Sarah McAuliffe 


0^ ^Pg^JMIH 


Katelyn McCann 
Meghan McCusker 

Paul McDonald 
v^ J Ashley McDonougP 

Jeffrey McDonough 
Ailis McGonagle 
Maura McGonagle 
Timothy McGovern 

Priscilla Mclntyre 
Caroline McLaughlin 
Christina Meade 
Theodore Mellors 

Patricia Mesite 
Elizabeth Messina 
Brett Minassian 
Sara Minkara 

Michael Mirochnick 

Mason Montdlio 

Kameron Moore 

Elizabeth Morash MY FAYO^TE TEAOHE^ \^. 

"M^ Aa>ET, ^HE'^ A <^<?<>> TEACHEI^' 

"M^ An>ET, i U<E HE^ ^TYEE" 


Brittany Morissette "/x\^ Aa>ET, IT^ EA^Y T^ f'AY ATTEHHOH" 
Kathleen Mulligan ,.j^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ i^^ ^^^ 1:^ A<^<^H ALLY' 

Kristin Mulry 
Caroline Murphy 

Elizabeth Murphy 
Madelyn Murphy 
Michael Muzzi 
Neal Nelson 

Brittany Nestor 
Patrick Nevins 
Alexandra Noble 
Gregory' Norton 


"The ^EOf-LE AH> THE ATM<^^f-HEl^E AT HH^ A^E THE 

^OHH feAL 

Eric O'Brien 

Kaylene O'Brien 

Stephen O'Brien 

Kaelyn O'Connor 

Perry Oag 

Gina Orlando 

Daniel Palladino 

Lauren Pastuszak 

Christina Pecce 

ienjamm Pence-Rosenfield 

Daniel Perry 

Abigail Peterson 

Matthew Phillips 

KeUie Polonski 

Matthew Pungitore 

Matthew Quinlan 

Sara Quinn 

Eric Randall 

Eliza Read-Brown 

Samantha Riddle 

Benjamin Riley 

Alexander Robbins 

Trevor Robertson 

Paul RoeU 

Christina Roth 

Kelly Ryan 

Patrick Savery 

Grant Sayian 

Catherine Schwartz 

Sonali Shah 

Michael Shea 

Alyssa Siriani 

Caroline Slater 

Zachary Spath 

Jeff Stewart 

MacKenzie Stewart 

Jonathan Sudbey 

Sean Sullivan 

Jennifer Sung 

Matthew Thompson 

David Tondorf-Dick 

Andrew Tremblay 

Christin Trenholm 

Anna Uretsky 

Alexandra Van Strien 

Gregory Vaughan 

Steve Ventresca 




Rebecca Westelman 

Jane Whalen 

Nicole Wheeler 

Sarah Whitney 

Gavin Williams 

Scott Williams 

'^"} Abia 





!^ m^ 

t; %A I 

Eminalcc Willis 
Alan Wilson 
Kevin Winter 
Timothy Wood 
Benjamin Yodzio 
Andrew Zofchak 

'>^ <5a:S^HiH<^ i^ MY FAYO^TE TEAOHE^ ^EOA^^E HE^ THE lAAH" 

My EEA^^T 

<.MEEL^ ^1^0:S^" 

OH VEE<EH><^ ' 

^H<^ AH> >ah<;e 


*Note* Maybe the underclassmen should be more interesting when we ask them questions. 

As a result of their inadequacies, we have had to embellish the truth so as to keep your attention. 

We are taking after Bill Clinton. But the parts about nudity, well, we can't the take credit. 


Is he keeping score? ► 
John and Jack at a Red Sox game. ▼ 

Kevin ► 
and Chris 

joy over 
dead sea 

The 80's never go out of fashion! ► 


Leah Larned, practicing her 
yearbook skills. "^ 

Carley, mellow yellow. -^ 

Lizzy IS well coordinated today! ► 

Scott and Kim are having a 
fantastic time at snow ball.' ▼ 


^^^^^v af ''^' 

;^ ^^^^^^^^^1 


1^^^^^^ " 





1^ ^^ F'vi^^^ 



/ve TiMMit 



ThiB Program haK performed an illegal operation and must be Rhut do^n 




"How big will the scale on the 
exam be? This big...." ▼ 


QtifKi 6tu^e^s 

Ins Gillard 

Susan Joyal 

Tamara Perelman Edward Schreider Stephen Swett Amanda Wonson Ron Woolley 

Allison Case Skylar Thaxter Marion Rubbo 



David Gauthier Elizabeth Kates Peter Lincoln Anne Marcks Ma\ naid Morin 




Brian Faherty Paul Pawlowski Joseph Ryan 


Paul Cappers Phaedre Sassano Douglas Wauchope 



Jams Brandt Matthew Caminiti Emily Campbell 

Rebecca Chodes Linda Mazzella Patricia Mesite Michael Mulry Leo Piantes 

Judith Rielly 

Douglas Ryan Patricia Tomecek 

Steven Cushmg Charles Geary Steven George David Jewett 


Rosemary Doran Suzanne Lincoln 


Paul Donovan Brian Heffernan Joan Linnehan 

William Barges Karen Beatty Meredith Gordon Jonathan Rice 




Doreen Field Lisa Paul 

Virginia Roche 

Sue Gentile Elenor Goldsmith Debra Read 

Gale Pike 

Jackie Sansone Karen Pyne 

Marsha Cuddy 


John Callahan Don Campbell 

BiU Clark 

Gary Colbeck Dan Nicolosi 

Ernest Olson Francis Quill 

Robert Regen John Robinson 


Shelia Atwater 

Brad Cooley 

Andrea Dunlap 

Joan Fee 

Jean Hardy 

Barbara Johnson 

Kathy Kerr 

Carole O'Connell Cynthia Rogers Donna ScampoH Marie Terman 


Joseph Andrews 
Tech Manager 

Lawrence Babcock 
Building Manager 

Donna Casagrande 
Head of Cafeteria 

Caterina lannino 
Lav Supervisor 

Patricia Szyman 


Patricia Muldoon Kris Phillips 

Computer Specialist Police Resource Officer 



— ■^^' 


j5 jtivt 

Vt^ o m f^ O^A 




^*"\ ^ 


^^w 'f^^ '^"^^J M 

b ^ 



I)o you wish tio Ba^Yl^? 


Lura Allen 


"Have no excuses for the things that we've done. 
We were brave, we were crazy, we were mostly 
young." 6am nights and dances with sailors! Love 
you guys! Rats03 Bahamas. Lax '04 #19. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Hardy and all those that helped 
along the way. Good Luck '04. 

Daniel Allen 

Dan, Danielson, Horse 
"The world is yours." — tm. 

HHS has been an experience 1 wiU not soon forget. The 
stages of HS seemed to flow with the cars I drove each 
yr. The Rover, VW and finally the bimmer. Each 
brmging back the different people I shared those years 
with. I want to thank you guys, the friends I have made. 
I will never forget any of you. My family too, for always 
trusting me. GolfcourseMalonesWompyFarAstudy 
RoverScituateArtHuUThehinghamSNFLBlitz DD 
French03XC00-03Tacobell2IbballTheY...I'm going to 
the top. . . 

Myles M. Allen 

Back step nights, I just don't care. Baby, K.Illin, 
SUZY, C.Dizz, My sick whip, DaDas, MasNilans 
old basement,the bike and the car, H, Backsteps/ 
LukOak,Andy, Philly, JrProm, New Years0304, 
Tape'nPos,Campin@Rinneys,20*, APRPatsRoom, 
Luk, Oak, PhiUy, Pat, Pillow Fights, Are you okay? 
WarpedTour, Rocthamic, DMB03, RipRFA. "Ever 
since that superwoman has come to my rescue my 
winter's been wonderfijl my summer's been special" 
C.C.I 0/12/02, Love you. Seth, Mom, thanks for 
being there, even if it seemed like I didn't want you 
to be, I needed you! -Peace 

Emily Dalton Amrhein 

"The difference between the impossible and the 
possible lies m a person's determination" -Tommy 
Lasorda. 'student council* volunteer club *tennis 
'homecomings 'all the dances ' proms 'summers at the 
Belmont 'Thanks to all my friends for always being 
there 'Friends forever ' And thanks to my family: 
Mom, Dad, Leah, Ali, Julie and Chris '1 love you' And 
Best of luck to the class of 2004! "To guarantee 
success, act as if it were impossible to fail" —Dorothea 

Mike Babm 


"Under the Weeping Moon" by OPETH- Once 
again I've cried Unto the moon. That burning flam 
That has guided me Through all these years. With 
eyes of fire once unlit but now alive. This energy 
sparkling Like a morning star. Riding the fires of 
the northern gold I've searched the eye. I laugh 
under the weeping moon. I am the watcher in the 
skies Nor the emeralds know my mark Glisten to 
mark their presence. Searching. . . Finding. Burn the 
winter landmarks That said I was there. Burn the 
spirit of cold that travels through my soul. 

Constance Baltera 

"Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo "-Frodo to Gildor 
(The Fellowship of the Rings 90) "Angels are bright 
stiU, though the brightest fell: Though all things 
foul would wear the brows of grace, Yet grace must 
stiU look so." Malcolm (Macbeth IV in) "Aimez- 
vous pour le vaincre les tenebres tant qu'il y aura 
partout orgueil ignorance et misere"-Jean Valjean 
"In the twilight of autumn it sailed out of 
Mithlond. . .and an end was come for the Eldar ot 
story and of song." (The Siknarillion 304) 

Ashley Bargende 

"Character is both developed and revealed b 
tests, and all of life is a test." I want to give : 
big sign language I Love You to ATNA- 
Thanks for all the fun times! I will always 
remember X-C, DMC's, Friday morning 
breakfasts, music trips, dance parties, bake- 
off moonwalks, Starbucks, Kyle's house + 
bro., deep cards, 07, (subunits), FNE, my ov 
song lyrics. Thank you Mom, Dad, Abigail 
Alex for all your support. I love you. Best oil 
luck to the class of 2004! 

Suzanne Hart Barker 


We shared many smiles and many tears, we 

shared all our hopes and all our fears, but if 

there was one that beat out the rest, the times 

we shared laughter were always the best. 






WGJ Mom+Dad I love you, thank you "We all 

take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of ( 

other everywhere" Distance won't keep us apart! 


Michael Joseph Barra 

Barone, Bara 

When I say out loud I want to get out of this I 
wonder is there anything I'm gonna miss. Thanks 
lo everyone who helped me-Mom, Dad. Matt, and 
all my friends. Collin's Basement thanks tor all the 
great times RC ac vent @ shanes*RHCP*Stanza 
hll it up Again! Larry. Hingham REC. . . Horrified! 
Golden key. Warm ups_@ shane's. Ken's house-good 
times. Remember wearing hats? PRS the gazebo 
304. AWWWWWYAAAHHH!! Damn I'm 
thirsty! Spread it ooon!! There's nothing I won't 

kian Bastianelh 

years of High School came and went like nothing. 
ow I am only a memory to Hingham High. From 
reshman beatings to Senior Skipday, I had fun 
hile it lasted. I'd like to thank some friends. 
M,MP, what can I say it's always me and you in the 
id. Meara, McKim-we're always baJlin' bimmers, 
ivigators, and 22's. Stef you've been there, I love 
)u, you know that. Benny, Ian, Eamonn you guys 
ught me how to be in High School. And last but 
It least I'd like to thank my family especially my 
ad for all his help through the years. MM where 

John Beale 

"Life is short, but sweet for certain" ~ DMB 

Hhristin Marie Belmore 

eople never know how special someone is 
til they leave, so they are given that 
ance to see how special that someone 
Jly is." Thanks to everyone who helped to 
ie the way: my Dad, my brother Alan, my 
indparents, teachers and friends. I will 
ver forget your love and dedication. 

Emily Jane Belyea 


"Know one place well and from the heart of 
that one place let your wisdom grow strong to 
take in the world." Thanks for all of the great 
times: Nonas, Proms, Homecoming, Concerts, 
New Years, MV, Ledgemer with Dan, StuCo. 
Field Hockey: Thanks for 4 funfilled years girls. 
Drama: NYC, festie, musical, the best times with 
the best people. To Mom, Dad, Sarah, and Ryan: 
Thank you, and I love you. Congratulations 
Class of 2004! We're out of here! And never 
forget: "In a world where you can be only one 
thing. . .be yourself." REBELYEA! 

John Benjamin 

I am Benjamin. Hear me roar!" 

— inspired bv Mike Babin. 
Useless car-$I300 
AC/DC Album,-$I2 
Full tank of gas-SIO 

Driving away from Hingham High for the last time 
with my stereo on full blast and a full tank of gas — 

Chris Bierbaum 

Burbomb, Remlinger 

*You could search the whole globe but couldn't 
replace me, you're skurred to face me, you don't 
wanna race me* 

■^Nobody said it was easy, it's such a shame for us to 
part. Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it 
would be this hard. Oh take me back to the start" 

These were the best days of my life boys. Cancun 
2004 wowsley! 



^k^ .^V^ 1 












..■t_ _ .. . _ 


Heather Boles 

"It IS a mistake to try to look too tar ahead. The 
chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a 
time." DMB, Carey's house, Florida-Suz, New 
^'ears02/03, EUie, refugees-CKM, Lizzy's Fiesta, 
Kenny Chesney, South Beach-SM&CKM. soccer, 
b-ball. Thanks to all my friends. Thanks mom, 
dad, Mike. It's been a fun 4 years, thanks tor 
everything girls. 

Paul Devine Bottone 

"If everything seems under control, you're just not 
going fast enough." —Mario Andretti Thanks to 
ever^'one who kept things fast- orch trips, bagel days. 
Hingham Mathletics, LP-Crow Summatime, TTG, 
Stars, promSB, p-day, skiVT (tp), go XC-track-w/ 
the Civ And thanks to everyone who kept things in 
control-my friends and most of all my family- 
Mom, Dad, Joe thanks, I love you. Everyone stick 
around and we'll see what happens. 

Caitlin D. Bourbcau 


"Time flies when you're having fun" Thanks to 
the crew who made these years unforgettable. 
Cioodbye HHS I'm out! "Out of our minds. 
crazy ol' times, not just great friends, but 
partners in crime " mom, dad, and Nick thanks 
for getting me through this in one piece. 


Katie Ann Boutilier 


"If you are going to be able to look back on 
something & laugh about it, you might as well laugh 
about it now." To all my friends:Thank you for 
ever\'thing-each one of you holds a special place in 
my heart. "A true friend is someone who reaches for 
vour hand and touches your heart" Dad&Jamie- 
thanks for caring-you were there when I needed it- 
that was the greatest gift. Mom-you're always with 
me, always in my heart. "Though no one can go 
back and make a brand new start, anyone can start 
from now and make a brand new ending" Good 

Luck 2004 

Jennifer T.B. Brady 

Jenny, Jen-Jen 

"A person only begins to live when he can live 
outside himself." —A Einstein. Remember: Mary/ 
Jenny Gazette, Core 4, Novalichio, PRS, & NY & LC 
trips. Through the support & inspiration offered my 
family, friends, the Harborlight, GSA, Sd HLM 
rowing, 1 have been prepared tor what lies beyond life 
in Hingham & HHS. Much love & thanks to those 
with whom 1 have lived & learned the most: Mom, 
Babbo, Wombat, the Nonni, Ms. Fennelly, the 
Sullivans, Mary, Hanley, Angie, Leah, Matt, Nathan, 
Ethan, Elsbeth, Casey, Dan & Steve. 

Jess Burke 

When I think of HHS in the future, I hope my 
memories are not focused on typical things like 
Homecomings and proms, but on things like trips 
to the Cape and Killington, Scavenger hunts, rides 
on the T, planning tor New Years, driving to 
UMASS. . . even trivial things like roUerblading or 
shopping at the outlets are worth recalling. Ours 
were "Glory Days" fiUed with the stuff of dreams. 
Now, we are ready to move passionately toward our 
futures! Best of luck 2004! 

Scott Burns 


"When you fall, stand tall, and come back for more" 
Thanks to all my friends JH GG MC BM PH CB BC 
AO MO BW JP JPG Hockey Team '00-'04 Wosley, 
HENLEY! The basement, Beerbaums during school, 
the Point, "Whose Larry "-TonyC, Bruins Games, Red 
Sox Run of '03, Patriots Superbowl '02- GG NPW 
New Years Eve at JH's, 4* of July in the backyard. 

Late Nights with Hal, Hitz with Olson, CP, Olson's 
basement. Thanks tor all the times, thanks to my 
mom, dad, and Justin, for all the support. 


Julie Elizabeth Cadigan 

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. " 
TO MY GIRLS~ Love you guys! Nothin but good 
times-DMB 'OL summer02 + 03, FH + Lax, Cape, FLA 
& LakeW-LK, boat, proms, 11/ 10 Carey's, JUAN, all 
dayer, eminem, late nights -AR, SeNoRiTaS, LJK, 
vacations, fences, "Let's do Downer!" 'Lots of laughs. 
KeLly~sister I never had. Mike- Thanks for the 
memories. Mom, Dad, R&P-Love You. Best of luck '04. 

Peter Cahill 

1 don't care about my senior quote, AlVaro 

Patrick Campbell 

Pat, Patman, Patty O'Furniture 

Remember: "Begun the Clone Wars have." "It is faster to 
go through your opponent than it is to go around 
them." "SHIGADIDA!" "Snap. Krackle. Improv 
Troupe." "It's another MurderDeathKill!" "I am a 
banana!" "A leather glove." "You mean in a stocks, or a 
pillary? It's a friggin hammer!" "Your socks they smell. 
Your feet they stink. You never take a bath. Your nose it 
runs. You bust your buns. You always finish last." 
"Meat. . .Sandwhich!" "It's only after we've lost 
everything that we're free to do anything." —Tyler Durden 

Shane Thomas Campbell 

"Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in 
the long run, there's still time to change the road 
you're on." Thanks to my parents and teachers fc 
always being there and helping me out.And to m 
friends for all the fun times we had. Biuce at 
Fenway. . .workin at the rec. . .CoUin's 
basement. . .AWWW YEAHHH!...Golden Key, 
you know how we do it. . .YAEP Good luck to 
everyone in the Class of '04. 

Katelyn Carbone 

"Family isn't whose blood you have. It's who you care 
about." Thanks Mom, Dad, & Meghan for all your love 
& support. SH Thanks 4 everything. Always in my heart 
To all my friends you are all a part of my family and I 
love all of you! Remember: Drama, Kids Cab, Dance 
Class, hanging in the yrbk office. "Life's greatest 
happiness is to be convinced we are loved" Thanks to 
everyone who has made me feel loved because you are 
what made me happy! Remember: "Nothing but Love"- 
NL. Congrats & Good Luck Class of 2004! 



Elizabeth Devan C 


'Yesterday brought the beginnings, tomorrow brings 
the end, and somewhere m the middle we became the 
best of friends* Thanks for the memories-Rocks 
SUMMER02 Cowgirls AO WannaPlayaGame NewYrs 
KiUington Beef CanoeTrip03 Beach ME HC03 
LegendaryVacaParties TheFallTheKicks - Thanks 
Mom, Meaghan, & JuHe-Couldn't have done it without 
you Goodluck04-"If you have built castles in the air, 
your work need not be lost, that is where they should 
be. Now put the foundations under them."~HDT 

Julie Ann Carey 

"Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we 
will take the best and forget the rest and remember 
that these were the best of times." FRYR, DMB, 
LastDay, NewYears2&3, Sophs WE, CapeOZ, 
Summer, Dump, Beach, Pool, BB, Jbhottub. 
Basement, vacaparties, 11/ 10, Jul4&hkayecp, 
canoetripOS, latenights, jrprom, hc03, seniors, 
soccer, lax, NewYears2004." Though no one can go 
back and make a brand new start anyone can start 
from now and make a brand new ending." Thanks 
Mom, Meaghan, Beth, & Tizzy. Congrats '04, we 
Tiade it. 

Jacqueline Cartier 


"Inside myself is a place where I live all alone 
and that's where you renew your springs that 
never dry up." Pearl S. Buck 

Vlike Cedrone 


Live life the ways you want, make your own path, 
'ou only get one chance so live it up." WLC-those 
/ere the days. "PACK the PLACE.'-YEA.we'U be 
■y later."TDES "Larry, who's Larry?" BUSCH 4 
ife. Good times in the basement, Beerbomb's, 
lurns's backyard-summer '03, the cliffs. Shout out 
o JH SB BC CB GG BM CP DD and anyone I 
orgot. "Many of life's failures are people who did 
lot realize how close they were to success when 
hey gave up.. .so don't give up." Follow your 
lireams, the world is yours. I'm out. -TONY 




"Don't cry b/c its over, smile b/c it happened." 
Thanks 2 Mom, Dad, Meghan, & Patrick. I get 
by w/ a little help from my friends Christm, 
Dawn, Claire, Maggie, Kacey, Molly, Alissa, 
Melissa. Remember: Clemintines, Xtin's house. 
Crow Point, blown speakers, Qu visit, Friday 
shows, Soccer, Lacrosse. It's something 
unpredictable but in the end it's right. I hope 
you had the time of your life. Good luck 2 the 
Class of 2004 

Joe Christino 

'Hope IS a good thing; maybe the best of things. 
And no good thing ever dies." 
Best of luck to everyone with their future 
endeavors. Health and happiness. 
Thank vou all. 

Jennifer Christman 

"The journey between what you once were and wh 
you are now becoming is where the dance of life 
really takes place." DMB0I,NH0I&02 NYC02 
NC03 ~Eminem3IINellyRocDaMicMonsterJam' 
Xprom July4'03L'W*9/6/03 AWM*2MyGirls: 
"We've been friends 4 so many years, we've been together through the good times 
& the tears" ThanxILY JB- We've been through it all~GL&IL'^' Mom8dDad-Thanx 
Joe, GL, Lea "And we have had better times than most can imagine. " We did it! 
Good Luck Class of 2004! 

Stephanie Clapp 

"There are good ships and bad ships the best ship 
is friendship." I don't know what I would do or 
where I would be without you Sean! We had good 
and bad times that I would never forget! I love 
you! Thanks lor everything Mrs. R vou helped me 
so much! CM S.C VC C.S E.S school would not 
be school without you guys, love ya! Thanks Mom 
& Dad for supporting me! But for all the people 
that don't give people a chance "Judge people for 
the whole picture, not just the frame." Congrats 
Class of 2004, we did it! 

Christie Clarke 


"The weeks dragged on as if they were months, the 
months dragged on as if they were years, but the 
years passed as if they were seconds." Gymnastics, 
soccer. Lax, AFS, Stu-Co, Snowboarding-NH, 
JrProm, Bob, Easters, JeChAn, DMB0I03, 
Eminem02, RocDaMic03, Starland-SBJ, Nona's, 
Cape, Boat, Shopping Cart, SXM03, New Year's Eve 
"It's the friends you can call up at 4a.m. that 
matter." Thank you girls! Myles- You're all I've waited 
for and I could not ask for more. ILY Thanks 
Mom, Dad, & Jack. I couldn't have done it without vou. Good Luck '04! 

Matthew Paul Clerkin 

Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down and 
when you're up its never as good as it seems and when 
you're down it seems you'll never be up again. But life 
goes on. WD, MD, RD, BD, and everyone else we've 
had some good times. Enjoy it out there. 
Special thanks to my mom and dad. 


Nichole Christina Coady 


4 years 100 Jokes 200 Secrets 300 great times 400 
memories I reason BESTFRIENDS! Aly Canciin 
'03, Unforgettable. You know your gone when, 
Schaefdog watch out for those cameras, Stef good 
times in the Cape, Dad you inspire me the most 
Thank you ILY. Thanks to my family for making 
me who I am SB crew & coach gunna miss u guys 
MI thanks for the past 2 years IWALY! "No 
matter where we go from here we'll always remember 
the times spent together "Good luck class of 2004 

Brian H. Collins 


Stay far from timid, only make moves when your 
heart's in it and live the phrase sky's the limit-Biggie. 
Jealous ones still envy-warpath- to my boys CB GG JH 
SB MC BM UNH-TC Beerbombs During school- 
who's Larry? LNC SDS capt'n mo summer '03 Busch 
New Years'03'04 Bruins HP thanks for being there, DI 
state champs 01- Nastingham Palace-SuperS #7 
-Mom, Dad, Tay thanks for always being there- Just 
know I chose my own future, I drove by the fork in the 
road and went straight. 

Vanessa Coveney 

"Education is the ability to listen to Almost anything 
without losing your temper or self-confidence." 
~Robert Frost. "The mark of the immature man is 
that he wants to die nobly for a cause while the mark 
of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for 
one." "Don't let go too soon, but don't hang on too 
long." Morrie Schwartz. Take as a child and give as an 
adult. Love each other or PERISH. Dulce et Decorum 
est pro patria MORI. 

Michaela C( 

Ryan Christopher Collins 

I'd like to thank my family and friends for 
everything. Best times at Olson's and the casino "If 
you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at 
the table- then you are the sucker. " Future plans- 
"Rolling up the stakes and going to Vegas." D&D 
"She gave me some crap about not listening. I don't 
know. I wasn't really paying attention"-BS "So 
you're scared and you're thinking that maybe we 
ain't that young anymore." Thanks Bruins(JT#I9), 
Pats.&Sox. WHO AM I? "And we continue going 
one day at a time." Looking Good A1...GOOD 

[Suzanne Conneli 

I So many tears so much laughter. Memories I will keep in 

ly heart forever, even the ba$ts who broke it! I had a blast 
& learned plenty, I love my girls! We had so much fun: 
Junior Prom, Bruins Game Quincy, Nelly, Connelly Parties, 
latenight Mcyd's, Boston trips, DMB, Latenight sneak outs. 
Riane and Beth you two helped me stay sane, you guys 
mean the world to me, love you & thank you. "How do you 
find the words to say to say goodbye if your heart don't 
have the heart to say to say a goodbye." Thank you mom & 
dad, Matt, John, & David for always being there for me. 

Licnaeia »^oyne 


Today is a day that tomorrow wUl never see and i 
you live in yesterday's world you'll never be free. 
Live life as if today were your last, no regrets.To 
my girls-you know who you are-too many names, 
too many memories. LC-no words can describe 
what you mean to me, you're the best thing that 
has ever happened to me-thank you.We did not 
change as we grew older; we just became more 
clearly ourselves. Mom, Dad, Shannon,Tricia-I 
couldn't be here w/o you guys, thanks for being 
there for me. Class of 2004-thanks for the 
. memories, we did it! 

Lucas Craig 




Again&To PlacesWherelWishlCould StopTime & 

LivelnTheMomentForever.Thanks To Everyone 

WhoGotMeThere, You'veShownMe What Living 

CanBe.MAsSickWhip, IJust DontCare, Trips 

ThruDa Woods, BackSteps, H, ALS2AMwakeup, 

BurntPIastic,K,Illin'Babiz,TapinPo, Patches, Dadas, 

NewYrs0304,KooKoo,RlPFirebird. ThnxMom.Dad, 

Jesse. 8-IUNeverForget KC-You're like no other, thanks for being my angel! Save 

the Pictures, they'll never change, only the people in them do. Peace 

John W. Creahan 


Wiffleball in the backyard, cards m CoUm's 
basement, Captiva, golf at the country club, 
cheap cigars, and Celtics games. I'm going to 
miss It all. Thanks for everything to my 
parents and all my coaches,- especially Coach 
Killenger, McAuliffe, and Mr. Shulman. To 
my family, S.G., and the eastside — I'll miss 
you guys. Fee and Vree — eastside 'till we die. 

Christopher J. Conner 


"1 know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll 
be a star, in somebody else's sky, but why can't it be mine" 
~RIP MJM-Pat Thank you for everything. Mom & Dad- 
Thank you so much. Boys, Great times- summer03, 
Olson's, LateNights, Bruce, DMB, Pearl Jam, Paget's, HHS 
Golf, AONH July 4'\ C-Casino, New Years V4, Hockey 
games, T-rides, Sox03 -Never forget it. Good luck Liz & 
Mary. Thank you teachers. "Do not fear change. Embrace 
it. Your current safe boundaries were once unknown 
frontiers." -Good Luck '04- 

Thomas Curtis 

"You think life is like a movie Where it all 
works out in the end. I think life is like a 
desert Where does it go Where does it begin. "- 
DMB-0I&03. Hingham Hockey-OO-04-DI 
State Champs-SuperS-Warpath. Green neon/ 
UNH-BC Keep it real-JH One more year-MD 
Boat Parties/late night outings-JE "Oh and 
nothing else compares."-MW ILY Thanks fo 
making me a better person.True friends. 
Thanks for supporting me-Mom-Dad-Emily." Dream as if you will live forever 
and live as if you will die today" 


Vlatthew Dahan 

Aatt, Dahan, Matty D, Mattitude 

Dream as if you'd live forever, live as 

F you'd die today" ~ J. Dean. I would 

:ke to thank everybody who 

upported me over these past four 

ears. To my family, I love you. To all 

ly friends: Sean, brothers for life, 

TG V-Ball, Drama, APTP wiU live 

n, SPX, Ridiculous, Chorus (team 

mor!), the IT crew, DDE, JB, 03, BSS 

2, G-Unit; I will never forget. 'No day but Today.' LMR (always). Thank you for 

iving me a great life and a lifetime of amazing memories. Remember, leave the 

oorway open, and 'don't stop believing.' 

Sara Damon 

"Challenges are what makes life interesting; over coming 
them is what makes life meaningful." Thank You Dad 
and Sheena for all your help and support. Mom you're 
my guardian angel I Love You RIP. "A friend is someone 
who knows your flaws and loves you anyway-DEB 
Thanks to all my REAL friends for always being there 
for me. "Here's to the nights we felt alive. Here's to the 
tears you knew you'd cry. Here's to goodbye, Tomorrow's 
iionna come too soon" 

Christine L. Danielson 

Tines, Tiney 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Char, & Dor for supporting me 
through the years, I love u guys! JiUian I never would 
have made it through J.year w/out u! Summer '03 — 
copious amounts of trees NDA girls — AB, KT, AB, AP 
remember the good times! And to my 2 fav ppl in the 
world — John&Roach — I love u guys, u mean 
everything to me! JCw - 2/14/03 - I drift away but 
you pull me in, I'm the ocean you're the moon —311 

Paul T. Deane 

All that is now 

AH that is gone 

All that's to come 

And everything under the sun is in tune 

But the sun is eUipsed by the moon 

I'F DSotM E 

Reality is overrated 

It was a short 290 days 

Zepplm Jay-Z Medics Tool GD Norm FG ED MJ JHB 


two Dad BA SF JG CW DW 

Kristin DeMontigny 

The past 4 vears haven't been the easiest, but 1 made 
It. Thanks mom and dad for your encouragement 
and support. Jen, thanks for listening to me 
whenever 1 needed to talk- no matter how pathetic it 
was. Jon, over the past couple of years we have been 
talking more and I'm glad. Gram, I know I may 
annoy you a lot but that's only because I love you! 
Also, thanks to my friends. Becca and Alison, 
thanks for the rides! 

Kevin Devine 

"Ain't it funny how the night moves." Ill times boys- 
JEMWSLPLBWJCTC "No roadies is like saying God 
sucks" HA Joe=GianettiBuschy'sBaby-Football-IO-I 
NAUGHTY concert-UMASS-JE-HT-Hjword Winters 
housepartyO'K=Towhaha, 'Burban-lazell X-hypnP4-S, 
MansionSwims late night Brewha's9SkinDip "The 
freaks come out at night: W.I. L.D.,Allguydance parties, 
BBGUN, Mowing the lawn-ofcourse, spooning, ya 
Tubing with saspys, JakesHotTub, rut Tourneys- 
unstoppable, SDS, Thanks to my family, friends and 
coaches Good bve and God Bless. 

Richard Dinger 

"The story of life is quicker than a wink 
of an eye, The story of love is hello and 
goodbye until we meet again" — Jimmv 
Hendrix. To everyone keep smiling life is 
pain, get over it. Be happy, avoid 
negativity, Be a leader. Make love, Make 
history. Learn from foul, lost, people. You 
are evervthing. Thanks to mv family. 

Michelle Elizabeth Doherty 


"Keep your face always toward the 
sunshine, and the shadows will fall 
behind you." 2004~We got older, but 
we're still young~To my girls, I love you 
all! Missions-JH Saranac 'OIJP 6AM 
nights-LA St Johns03JH-Point-John 
Mayer02-Shmirs]H. NH-'01+'02JC+JP- 
217. Ken-Love you always 4-11-02 Got 

Jealousy? PP03' VOGUEJH-Dancing w/ sailors Lu+Jcnn POPCORN-AR 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Brian, Lisa and Zoey "Every story has an end. but in life 
every ending is just a new beginning" Good Luck 200-1, J'H miss yas!! 

Courtney Marie Donahue 


"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll 

die today."-JD/Mom, Dad, Bridget &i Lissa \oi! 

support & encouragement have gotten me 

through so much. I love you. My friends- \'ou 

are the best! You have taught mc so much. "On 

loses many laughs by not laughing at oncself."- 

SJD; "Certain defects are necessary for the 

existence of individuality."-JWG I am lucky to 

have you all- great memories: musical, festie, NYC. hanging out 

Thanks for the past 4 yrs '04. Good luck with the next ones to 



<■ ' ^-i 



^V 1 


Kaitlin Donovan 


"Jump in. Let's go; Lay back, enjoy the show... 
These are the days when anything goes." Thanks 
for everything Mum, Dad, Pat & Sean. Suz, 
thanks for being you. LM my partner m crime. 
Friends, thank you for the memories: Ellis, 
HHS g\Tnanstics, Drama, bomb sqaud, pex, 
stuco, Toronto, bowling, Boston excursions. 
Patriots, the Raid, snow fights Summer! 
Nantasket, "yachting," ping-pong, Haley Field, 
Red SOX, Sweet Caroline. The square: one 
bad...that's the way we like to start it off 

Jim Drew 

"It is better to deserve honors and not have 
them than to have them and not deserve 
them." "The indispensable first step to 
getting the things you want out of life is this: 
Decide what you want." "Most people ask 
for happiness on condition. Happiness can 
only be felt if you don't set any conditions. " 
My friends, I love all of you, you know who 
you are, anyone who helped me become who 1 
am, and most of all my family and Janine. Happiness is behind the twinkle in 
someone's eyes. Janine 1 love you so much 10/3 unbelievable future. 

Caroline Duval 


"You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful 
things happen to you." All my thanks to Mom, Dad 
& Greg — it's been a great ride. Also, thanks to Mary 
R., Joyce F, Tim H., & Mrs. Krall for helping me 
along the way. 

Tim Ebbs 

Dr. Love 

Long you live & high you fly~smiles you give & tears 
you cry~all you touch & all you see~is all your life 
will ever be. Ticking away the moments that make up a 
dull day~you fritter & waste the hours in an off hand 
way~kicking around on a piece of ground in your 
hometown~waiting for someone or something to show 
you the way. Every year is getting shorter~never seem 
to find the time~One day you find ten years have got 
behind you~No one told you when to run~ You have 
missed the starting pun. 

Jacob Elliot 


Open the gates and sieze the day. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Anna, Lew. Sultans MW , JC, SL Good times KD,TC, 
BC, GG, CB, DMB2003, Boat parties, LN, HT, creepin 
mansion, circle room, sipe, AC, MM, SW , special 
shout to Tony Gianetti. 

Katherine Liane Ells 

Katherine, Katie 

"Be merciful to me, Oh God, for men hotly pursue me" 
~Psalm 56:1 "Here's my heart, let it be forever yours. 
Only you can make every new day seem so new." ~FIF 
Thanks to all my girls and my Ml pals. Thank you Mom, 
Dad, David, Laura, Rem — You guys mean so much to me. 
>' 1 love you all! "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not 
envy, it does not boast. It is not proud. It always protects, 
always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." 
I Corinthians 13:4,7 Orchestra. . .viola pride! 

Stacy Epstein 


"Stress, it's a killer," but I survived! Thanks to 
mom, Julie, and dad for supporting me. You guys 
are the best, I love you! Special thanks to ATNA 
for keeping highschool fun, I couldn't have done it 
w/o you! True friendships last forever. Also, to the 
TCT and Andrew, you are my Z"** family. Finally, 
Matt, you've been amazing and I'll love you forever, 
thanks for sticking with me! To the class of 2004: 
"Take chances, all successful people do" (PS. 
DMC's, FNE'S, dance parties, and 07 rock my 

Nicholas Fee 


"But when the game is over, I won't walk out the loser 
and I'll teach my eyes to see beyond these walls in front 
of me." —Springsteen. Thanks to all my friends- eastgate 
crew- Jack, Vree, NC. All of the good times- Collins' 
AO's Captiva03, wiffle ball, Golf team, Pats Super Bowl, 
hockey games. I will miss it all. Thank you Mom, Dad, 
and Monica for all your help. 


Michael Ronald Finneran 

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious 
tnumph, even though checkered by failure, than to 
rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor 
suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that 
knows neither victory nor defeat" Thanks for being 
there for me Mom, Dad, Nicole 12/7 "Ordinary no, 
I really don't think so." EPM, D2 South Champs, 
GNB, swirlies, BsGames, Concerts, NewburySt, 
RHCP03, Pats02, 2"''Home "And I wonder if 

vcr)thing could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again." 

Vlichael Fish 


guess the usual thanks to the usual 
parents, friends, and celebrities). Thanks 
o Hingham High as a whole for 
olerating the new kid extremely well, 
/hich is suprising for a school that 
oesn't get many new kids, beside 
"eshmen, who don't count. To the class 
f '04, good luck at your colleges, parties, 
nd careers. To everyone left behind: have 
[most as much fun as we did. I know 
3U can't be perfect, but try hard anyways. 

Stephen Arthur Fiske 

Fiskenator, Arty The One Man Party 
"Life consists not in holding good cards, but 
in playing those you hold well." Thanks to all 
my friends, Collins' basement, Olson's house. 
Pearl Jam, Bruce, Chili Peppers, B's games, 
HHS hockey games, T Rides, 1953 4 life. 
Golden Key! Good stuff Thanks for all the 
great times Anna. Thanks Mom and Dad, I 
couldn't have done it without you. "There's a 
time and place for everything, it's called 
college." -Chef Good luck class of '04 

astin Paul Flanagan 

Flay, Flanders, Flan ran 

^ife is too important to take seriously." The Best way 
I predict the future is to invent it" "None but a 
)ward dares to boast that he has never known fear." 
hanks to my parents, brother, & my friends for all 
lose great times, and all the great teachers I've had over 
le years, Melanson's the best teacher ever! Pawlowski's 
'amn this water's cold! OOwww Yeaahhh! "Hi how are 
3u" -Arnold, Calzones with the boys, I wish Neil's 
ime was eel so I could call him eelio, peace. 

Cheryl Flynn 

"No I cannot forget where it is that I come from. I 
cannot forget the people who love me. Yeah, I can be 
myself here in this small town, and people let me be 
just what I want to be," Thanks to family and 
friends for their love and support. Always remember: 
XC+Track, band trips, BD w/ K+P, dance parties, 
love you guys! "A part of you has grown m me, and 
so you see its you and me together forever. Never 
art, maybe in distance, but never m heart." Thanks for makmg hs fun! GL 2004! 

John Andrew Foley 


"So take the photographs and still 
frames in \our mind." -Green Da\' 
Thanks to all of m\- friends. These past 
four years have been great. Olson's 
&Collins'. Summer of '03. Pearl Jam 
DMB & CountingCrows-Summer '03. 
Pats supcrbowl '01. Red Sox '03-grcat 
run. New ^'ears '03-thc midnight hour. 
HHS Golf '00-'03. 1 would also like to thank my Mom, Dad, James, and 
Elizabeth for their support. I've been so lucky to have such a great famil)- and the 
best friends. Congrats '04. 

Melissa Christine Ford 


"Family & friends are angels following you 
through life." I'll never forget & always cherish the 
times I've had with all my friends. Thanks to 
everyone who has been there for me. Mom & 
Dad, you're my strength and I love you. JY, I 
couldn't of asked for anything more. My past 
teachers- thank you for all of the valuable lessons. 
The memories will be with me forever! 

Joseph P. Gabriel 


"Be true to yourself and you will never fall." B-Boys 
Thank u Mom, Dad, Rachel, & Jeff for all the love and 
support. "Scars heal Glory fades and all we're left with 
are the memories made. Pain hurts but only for a 
minute, your life is short so go on and live it." To all mv 
buddies we know how to have a GOOD time. Olson's 
NH, Bruce, Boston, DMB, Stones. Sox/Bruins Games. 
Harbormen '04 

Ketan Gajria 

Oh hey there. First, thanks to m\- teachers for prepanni; 
me and my family as 1 got the best one that there is. 
Thanks to all my friends, each one of you made it all 
worthwhile and there's no way for me to thank all of vou 
in just 530 characters. At first I thought High School 
was about re-inventing myself but I finally realized it was 
about finding out who 1 really was - which I did. It's been 
the best time of my life. And you know, the future really 
is uncertain, but that's a good thing. Hope to see you 
guys again soon! 


Kimberly Mae Gallagher 


To attain enlightenment has sent me through the wall 
"Through the storm we reach the shore." U2 "Excuse 
me while I kiss the sky." Hendrix "Even walls fall 
down." Petty A blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl." 
U2 JCM: Even when ur away u make my day-CWN: 
Whimsical Nimsical Partner in crime y are we such 
creepas- Harvard-NF:A sunset @ the bay makes it all 
ok J:simplicity is the key- July 4-03 SPR: Please show 
up @ my doorstep punk rocker a social for good 
times. Thanks 2 my family "One Love" Bob 

Kimberly Grant 

■ I 


\n- '-'L 


• . Y ■ 





Kathleen Anne Gassert 

Katie, Gaz 

"Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it's the 
middle that counts the most." Thanks for the memories. 
Chorus:PhantomPhiliMontrealLondonSpectrum GAZ. 
Hockeygames, fhgames, tennis, stucco, ADL, proms, 
concerts, dances, and all the rest. Thank you to friends 
and teachers, I'll never forget your support and loyalty. 
Mom, Dad, Mo, Sara thank you for always being there 
for me, I love you guys. Congrats Class of 04! "Every 
man dies. Not every man lives." 

Mitch Gianoni 

Don't be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are 
small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that 
much stronger. If you do the little jobs well the big ones 
tend to take care of themselves. — Dale Carnegie. If a man 
does his best what else is there? — General George S. Patton. 
You can't undo the past. . . but you can certainly not repeat 
it. —Bruce Willis. Thank you-Mom, Dad, Joe, Chris Good 
luck to you guys-SM, MH, PC, MC, TC. 

Katelyn Anne Marie Gilbert 


"Well some say life will beat you down, break your 

heart, steal your crown. So I've started out, for God 

knows where. I guess I'll know when I get there". 

-Tom Petty 

Mom, Dad, Bill & T.J., thanks for guiding me and 

getting me back on my feet. I love you guys. CBCNSD 

CNWDCMEP, thx for being real. Back home, AACF 

AABFBPRT, Fo'dale crew41ife! It's been a trip, now I'm 

out. Good luck to the c/o 2004. 

Geoffrey E. Gill 


"The biggest regrets in life are the risks we don't take." 
Thanks to my parents for always being there for me when I 
needed them, D.G. R.I. P., "Life is too short, so live it to the 
fullest." Henley's 03, Burns back yard, all those times at 
Beerbomb's, the point, PRS, Good times JH, BC, SB, BM, CB, 
MC, and anyone else I forgot. LNC. It's been fun, LATER 

"Only those who will risk going too far can 
possibly find out how far one can go" 

Soccer — Duck Foo Yuxbury — 
Suminerjam,3 II ,DMB,Matchbox20 

"A good friend will come & bail u out of jail, a 

true friend will be sitting nxt 2 u saying 'Damn 

that was fun.' " Golf course. Basement, Barn, 

Woods, Pathfinder, Beach, Natick, Boston, JR 

Nantucket, NewYearsEve03-2 my 30Buddies, 

We know how 2 Party! Hulk+Storm~U kept me honest 2 my fam&teachers 

I couldn't ask 4 better. '04, we'U be doing great things. 

Liesl Grebenstein 

"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of 
time"-JT. Red Sox, Fri 13, Pizza nights, biUion $ 
walks in the common, no red lights, MUN, 
cape, branches and unpaved roads, cookies, 
yearbook- Thank you aU for so much fun. Lor\ 
& Crew-you have given me so much-I'U always 
smile. PC, NSLC-unforgettable! VB-big sister I 
never had-thank you! NJ: distances have never 
kept us apart-they won't now. Mom & Em- I 
couldn't have done it w/o you-thank you for 
being there-I love you forever! JEG-AIways a 
part of me! Class of '04: The world is 
knocking-open the door! 

Siobhan Green 

Everyone gets something different out of High 
School. Some people think they learn everything, 
some nothing. One thing I know I learned is that 
you can never be completely sure of anything. As 
the great American author Hunter S. Thompson 
put it, "I had felt totally on top of the situation, 
but when I looked down and saw that little red/ 
silver evidence bomb m my hand, I knew 1 was..." 

Matthew Griffin 


Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The 
world is a fine place and is worth fighting 
for." I agree with the second part. Thank: 
to all my friends. Brums games, Sox T 
rides. Many thanks to my family: Mom. 
Dad, & Chris. 

Julie Guerra 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are 

tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 

Great times with great friends! Nonas, Eastover.TH 

Hill, Dance, Hampton Beach, FloridaOI, Disney, 

CruiseSB, Proms, StuCo, Stars, Auto, New 

Hampshire, Cape, Bruce, James Taylor, New Years. 

Thanks for everything Mom, Dad and Jeff! I love 

you RIP Nate 9/16/03 miss you so much "Til 

the day we meet again, m my heart is where I'll keep you f-riend." Good luck 

class of '04 "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their 



[^avid "Call kid" Harris 

\ ^ame to Hingham from California in 
1996. I have been here for 7 years. I've 
learned a lot through High School & made 
some great friends. The 4 years have flown 
bv. Now, it's time to move on to the college 
experience & contmue m\' education & 
friendships. There's always going to be a 

little sliver of New England in me, but L.A. CA is my home & my life!.'.' "I'm 

going back to Call." 

Ally H 



"Many people walk in and out of your life, but only 
:rue friends will leave footprints in your heart." Each of 
/ou has made the good times great and the tough times 
wearable. Memories that will always make me smile- the 
^ip Sync, The Raid, the Scavenger Hunt, Adventure 
I!lub, Haley Field, The Snowball Fight, and countless 
others! Thank you to my family for all of your support 
ind guidance, no words can express my gratitude. Best of 
uck to all! "Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint 
m it you can." —Danny Kaye 

Lauren Elizabeth Hamel 


"The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be 
happy-it's all that matters."-Audrey Hepburn. Thanks 
to all of you who have helped me enjoy these past four 
years so much! It's been amazing, 1 owe it all to you. 
Thanks especially to Mom, Dad, Brendan, Maura, 
Brian & Michael(RIP)-I love you so much. To my 
friends, you guys are awesome-Cp, Adventure Club, 
Haley Field, Swizz, Drama-always the best of times. 
"The dance goes on forever so shall I. So shall we." 
Good luck '04 

enniter Elizabeth Hanlon 


Ive seen it all in a small town, had myself a ball in a 
mall town."-JCM-Thanksgirlies, I'll miss you! Don't4get: 
^ot tub parties- VQueens. 11-345, Utah-MW St.John- 
dog-MD Vogue-ha-MD boatParties FR.yr, pp'02 got 
jalousy? Missions-MDShmirs-MD-NH-JP, MWlastday 
'R.YR MV'OI-MW Proms, Jimmy bones-MD-I'll miss 
lur movie nights! Spring fling '01 DMB, John Mayer-goo 
imes!-Cancun? Thanks Mom&Dad for everything ILY- 
im Jojo, Jake-l'll miss you guys Miah-Thanks for the 
nemories I'll miss you! "U are what u think, u are what 
p for, u are what u do." 

James Hare 

Jamie, The Shark 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Ned and John for your support. 
To all my friends: It has been a great four years, but thank 
God it is finally over. Thank you Mr. Furman and all the 
good teachers I have had. Golden Key you know how we 
roU. Hang in there D and Tommy only one more year to 
go. 1953 "the crew in blue"-keepin it real. Our prayers 
and thoughts go out to you Ms. Audet, thanks for being 
an influence in my life. Big gulps huh, well, see ya later! 

Matt Haslett 

I was student of the month one time 
in elementary school. 












{ . 










Dawn Marie Hatch 

"To live your life in your own way... to love 
and to be loved. be the one that you want 
to be. . .that is success." Thanks to AT, CB, 
MR, CC, MB, CM, KD, LD, CR, SG, TD. 
you guys have always been there for me. 1 
would like to give thanks to in\' famih' for 
their love and support, I never would of made 
It without them. 

Mary Healey 

"The only way to discover the limits of the 
possible is to go beyond them into the 
impossible." ~ "Dreams come true. Without 
that possibility, nature would not incite us to 
have them." Thanks everyone for all the great 
times ~ phyzz, pool, thiUdrives, Starbucks, 
xwords, stuco04, MASC, fli, xc03, lacrosse!! 
Mom, Dad, Anna, Pete, & Gram thank you f 
all the love and support you have given me. 1 
couldn't have done it without you! Good luck 
2004! ~ We made it! 

Mike Hebert 

"Any dispute lasting any longer than 3 
minutes will and must be settled by rock. 
paper, scissors. There is no argument too 
important for this determining method."- 
PG-Rated Excerpt from The Man Code . To 
all mv friends. High School was sweet, and 
hopefully we'll see each other again. For a 
more serious quote, read "If," by Rudyard 
Kipling. . .it's good. lo everyone, have a good 
time at college! 


Jared Henley 

Bottoms up to BM, GG, MC, SB, CB, BC. Be true 
to yourself and you will never fall- Bboys Pack the 
place 3AM-IDES Whose Larry-Tony Burnses 
backyard-03 Bierbaums during school The 
basement Bush2000-04 The point The cliffs 
Fighting the Marlboro Man Crest Field Fishing at 
Foundry- All good times! Thanks to M+D G+G 
WD Auntie Sue. 


Riane A. Herlihy 

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these 
broken wings&learnZfly. All ur life u were only 
waiting4this moment2arrive,u were only waiting4this 
momentZbe free"*SCbrARcnJPesCMccKClsMPscMZ 
uRmyWorld*bob AFS Boston Suzs(JProm) LOtR 
Easters DudeMan ShoppingCart Kids WhipIT 
Relentless Wanders Bruins Brads HighHorse Sneakouts 
Quincy WompyThcBasement^danceFcbJG* 
concerts:DMB/DT&Tnelly Dispatch3IIallman 
WeezerBlink*Nothing I see can be taken from me- 
PhishFest03*Mom&Dad,ILY*"And I swear, in that 
moment, we were infinite"-PoBaW 

Alyssa Hopkins 


Thanks mom, dad, and Shane. To the X&BC 
crew: I'll never forget everything: Partying @ the 
cape, Jimmy Buffet, St Pattys in Southie, 
Football & Prom. To my 2 best friends: Nichole, 
you're incredible, don't let anyone tell you 
otherwise, cancun-03-unreal! Billy: you'U always 
have a place in my heart, you're one of the best. 
Thanks guys, and remember, time is what 
accompanies us on every journey reminding us 
to cherish each moment b/c it'll never come 
again-and our time on this journey is up! So 
good luck class of '04. What a long strange trip 
it's been. 

Stephen Jantzen 


"Education is what remains after one had forgotte 
everything he learned in school." — Albert Einstein. 
Fun times in baseball, math team, New Year's '04. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Bill, and Mike for all your 
support. To all my friends, thanks for the memories 

Chris Johnson 

It has been fun. I will always remember you guys. 
"The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll 
have to catch up." 

Robert M. Johnson 


You have not made any mistake if you find that 
tliere are extra pieces after reassembling or 
assembling an object. In fact, you have just 
found a way to make that object more efficient. 

Lauren Jill Kaye 

1 always knew looking back on the tears would make 
me laugh but I never thought looking back on the 
laughter would make me cry. MY GIRLS! I LOVE 
YOU! I'll never forget you! Boys-NH JA DS GP MW 
MS thanks for the mems all! Summer0203 cape MV 
FLAjoyndes alldayer stripped senoritas fh lax SOcent 
soxPatsER nelly july4JC boat proms newyears0203 
LakeWJC BpartnerAR JK downer 3Window DQCP 
freeconcerts Careys beach Don't cry because it's over 
smile because it happened! Congrats04! We did it! 
Mom Dad Thanks for everything GLBrett. 

Natalie Deborah Kimborowicz 


"They get bored with childhood. They rush to grow 
up and then long to be children again." High schoo 
has gone by so fast, now we are off to travel our 
own paths. It's been great. Thanx to all my friends 
for the good times. NY trips/backstage. 
Lifeguarding, tri's, & all summer adventures(B&J 
fest). Pasta dinners, long bus rides~a life of sports, 
(mylittleones) Mom and Dad~ w/o you I could 
never have become who 1 am or gotten where I have, 
thanx and 1 love you. N^~thanx for all the support, 
1 love you. Good luck class of '04! 


Phillip J. Kovac 


"It is the soldier, not the reporter who has given us the 
freedom of the Press. It is the soldier not the campus 
organizer who give us the freedom to demonstrate. It is 
the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the 
flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows 
the protester to burn the flag."- Dennis Edward 
O'Brian, Seargent, USMC -Through thick and thin, 
efficiency is key, make it happen, live life to the fullest 
and don't take people who care about you tor granted. 

Jamie Heather Landers 


"It IS only with the heart one can see rightly. 
What is essential is invisible to the eye." For all of 
you who have helped me to see rightly, friends 
and teachers, I will never forget all of the 
patience, encouragement, and good times. Mom, 
You and I are a unique team. You mean the world 
to me. Love you more. SLW- we made it through 
the good times and the tears, together. TJK- Je 
t'aimais, je t'aime, et je t'aimerai. 
Class of 2004, we are here, now we live the life 
you have imagined! 

Nicole Lamed 

if we tail this time, it will be a failure of 
nagination." Nothing but love for Katelyn, Noggin 
) Boutie, I heart CP, baking cookies with Liesl. The 
Iventure to Cape Cod. Late nights w/ Goosie, I 
5uldn't have hoped for a better YB buddy. Drama 
ihearsals, backstage, + festie!!! Thanks to Silva and 
Hggins for the opportunities to grow. Thanks to my 
lum for my sense of humor, my dad for my sense of 
■If and Leah for HP and Meeper. You will go far, 
ster. Thanks to Earl and Laura for your support, 
kg- #1. "Life is not measured by the breaths you 
ike but by the moments that take your breath away." 

Erin Leary 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Kelli, Chris, T, Auntie, Uncie, and 
Shaye for always believing in me. How could 1 ever 
have gotten so lucky to have a family like you. Also 
thanks to all my friends you guys are the best and I 
love all of you. And a special thanks to Sister Mary 
and Gary for all the good times. 

Vicki Lee 


And when you're done, the battle's been won. ^bu sit 
back and this is what you hum, 1 234 1 234 the years go 
by. The time does fly. Every single second is a moment 
in time that passes, oh so quick and it seems like 
nothing, but when you're looking back, well it 
amounts to everything. I've got myself. I've got my 
friends. I've got my little family but that's not where it 
ends. This one goes out to you. It goes out to everyone. 
Its in the name of honesty because life has just 
begun. . .Nilan, Mom, Tomx2, Dan. 
I chose something else. 

Caitlin LeBlanc 

Good friends are hard to find, difficult to 
leave, and impossible to forget." Thanks to all 
my friends, esp. ATNA for the wonderful 
memories and for making high school so 
much fun. Always remember XC&Track, band 
nips, dance parties, the bench, moonwalks, 
Starbucks, friday morning breakfast. DMC's. 
Mom and Dad, thank vou so much for your 
love and support, I couldn't have done it 
without you. Bridget + Paul- best of luck in 
everything you do, 1 love vou all! To the class 
of '04, Congratulations, we made it! 

Jenna Jo Lemonias 

"Every dollar I have saved/Ever\' winter 1 have 
braved/Every road that I have paved/Leads to 
somewhere/Never was there any doubt/I would make 
my way out/I want to know what life's all about/ 
And I wiU get there." —AH Thanks to Mom and Dad 
for your love, support and confidence in me. Thanks 
to James for being the best brother ever. "Enjoy this 
life right now, you know what \'ou're to do." — HKD 

Patrick Brennan Lincoln 


Thank you Mom, Dan, Colin, and 

Garrett for all of your support, and for 

always standing by me. Thanks to all m\' 

friends. You made these four years 

worthwhile. Soccer and wrestling were 

awesome, thanks for everything. 

Congratulations and good luck to everyone in the class of 2004. "United we 

stand, divided we fall. Together we are what we 

can't be alone." ~ Ken Casey 

Rachel C. Lincoln 

"This above all~to thine self be true"- Shakespeare. 
To my family, who has always been there for me, and 
to my friends: Let's be grateful for the memories. 
LG,SB, TM, JM, MD, BK, and everyone else, we have 
had a crazy journey, thanks for being there! Kick 
boxing, SOX games, Friday the 13'''. MUN, magic 8- 
ball, no stop lights, BLC, Summer pool parties, and 
much more. Good luck, keep in unich- Love. Rachel 
"We all take different paths in life, but no matter 
where we go, we take a little of each other 
everywhere."-Tim McGraw 


Paul Lyons 


"7\11 endings are also beginnings. You just don't know 
It at the time." Jamie Hare, Van Pierce, Kang? Mike D. 
Packing Phats. Alex's basement. The cape. Basketball 
'03-'04. Trout. When did Nick Fee become so tough? 
Thank you to Mom, Dad, Steve, Jamie, Marc, Loretta, 
Abby. Thank you to all coaches. Thank you to the 
Reads and the McDonoughs. Also thank you to the 
Greenless family. 

Steve Lyons 

"I have to remind myself that some birds arent 
meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too 
bright." Good luck to all my friends next year- 
Joe Mark Key D Gill Jake Heather Suz CKM. 
Sorry Mikey D and Murph and Quinn only 
one more year. Good times down the cape with 
Bo and Gill, Football & Coach Killinger, 
Marc's porch, the well, Turkey Hill, the Burban 
on Lazelle, mowing the lawn with M, SubGally 
parking and of course spooning. All my love 
to my family and my best friend Molly. "No 
roadies that's like sayin God sucks." 

Craig MacDonald 


"May the wind always at your back and the 

sun upon your face and may the winds of 

destiny carry you aloft." Blow the poo 

mobile, sailing world, laboratory, pool, 

poker, the chant, scrambled eggs, cowboy up 

the years have been full of great times to last 

a lifetime. Thank you to everyone for all the 

great times and your support. "In the end. 

It's not the years in your life that count. It's 

the life in your years." Abraham Lincoln 

Matt Malone 


Life is a great road with many signs. So when you're 

riding through the rut, don't complicate your mind. 

Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury yot 

thoughts, just put your vision to reality, and enjoy the 


If you take all my live accomplishments and condense 

them down to one day, it looks pretty good. 

1953- till the casket drops. 


Lauren MacArthur 

["It's nights like this when we feel invincible, 
[screaming as loud as we can out the car 
[window to the brightest moon while you drive 
land don't think this ever has to end" Mum, 
Dad, Bren, Jill, thanks tor my sense of humor. 
I Kate, always my partner in crime. Thanks to 
I my friends who helped me make Sweet 
I Caroline, Snow Wars, Shaggin' Wagon, 
[Raiding, Pingpong, Bomb Squad, Skitz, 
'Scrubbiness and Hayley Field memories. To 

summers with my Naked 5 and YaYas. The Square: One Bad, that's the way we 

like to start it off 

Michael S. MacCune 


I'll never forget playing cards in the Collins' 
basement, golfing everyday in the summer, golf team, 
vacation in Florida with Walshie, and hanging out 
with my friends. I'm going to miss my family, friends 
and Cassie. Thank you all for your support and 
guidance. I'll miss you. 

Rachel Manning 

Raach, Craach 
"It's alright to let the past drive you but don't let it 
drive you crazy." I really made it! M.A.F.-I love you- 
thank you to you and your family-Its a greek thing 
baby! Stal & Dede-doin big things-partyin til 
dawn-as always-luv ya-see the unseeable-reach the 
unreachable-do the impossible-its hovi baby! 
Mommy-I adore you-I couldn't have done it 
without you-you are my everything. Dad-Larry- 
Tina-thank you for believing in me. Thanx for the 
memories-we ride together-we die together- 
BRAVADA-sweatit-Good luck '04 m all you do. 

Sheena Marquis 

Sheens, Sheen 

"Go confidently m the direction of your dream; 
Live the life you have imagined. " Thoreau. To my 
friends, I owe you eyerything.°bucks'* Phyzz crew 
Xwords Ergo. ATNA DMC Hug a dork Pi day 
Who will remember?(S+V) Dish list DNAskiin 
1 riends parties. AmStudfam Mathletics Go XC/ 
rraack(W/theCiy) esp D-team running buddie; 
"been'tomatoes" To the fam-I couldn't have madcc 
w/o you. ILU M+D Caitlin-"sisters by 
chance, friends by choice"-Thanks for always 
sticking by me. GL '04. 

Rebecca Mary Marshall 

"Celebrate we will, cause life is sweet for 
celebration." -DMB Thanks girls, it's been a crazy 
four years. Sketchy nights. Dance Party! Careys '02 
Fiesta. Myers Farm. Road TRIPS-CKM+SM. 
SOPHOMORE YEAR. Thanks Mom, Dad, Chris, 
& Andrew. I'll miss you next year. "We climb on 
two by two, to be sure these days continue, 
celebrate we will you and me"-Thanks Jake ILY. 



Caitlin M. Massey 

t^ Massey 

'Time goes by so fast people go tn and out of your life. 
You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people 
how much they mean to you" Girls, I love you. Thanks 
for everything. Always remember- Eminem roc the mic 
Nelly New York Suz's, DUDE MAN. Birdwatchers 
nona's FH-fun times New years '03 powderpuff Thanks 
mom I couldn't have done it without you "In this great 
future you can't forget your past."-Goodluck '04! 

Bradford Lawrence Matton 

Brad, Bradass 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die 
tomorrow." To my friends JS SF MG TD KM- 
everyone else, Great Times! ZxLaxStateChamps, 
HHSFootball, 10- 1 great year boys, Skiteam, Cards 
and Collins' , Newyrs04 greattime, Boston Concert, 
Greatnight MQ JM DM MG, Olsons, T-ride S, C- 
games, Hockeygames, Stevie Fizzle-Butters, You guys 
are great. Thanks Mom-Dad for everything, good 
luck Ash, AS C] WW SWO MS BM. 

Kyle McAlpine 

"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us 
anyway." ATNA thanks for all the memories. 
I love you guys. 07FFL.FNE'S, Bank Trips, 
•Bagel Days, Starbucks, Dance Parties, WG 
Girls. Fun times at Harvs and Smuggs! 
"So. . .how are things?" long phone convos. 
Obsessions. Summer '03. Thanks to Mom 
and Dad and all my family. I couldn't have 
done It without you! Good luck class of 
2004, we survived! 

ilizabeth Anne McCourt 


1 may not have gone where 1 intended to go, but I 
link I have ended up where I intended to be." Good 
jtnes. ..DMB concert '01 ELLIE. Heather's houses, 
4ew Year's '01/02 Carey's FIESTA '03 John Mayer 
)2The Point, Sr. Prom '02 PD7/I BUENO 
'aldivia CHILE '03 I get by w/ a little help from 
ly friends-Suzie, Caroline + Heather. Thanks for 
verything Mom, Dad, Matt, Emily, Meg, + Jan! 
Congratulations + Good Luck to the Class of 
004! "Not all who wander are lost." I2/26JE 

Suzanne McGinn 


"Sometimes you can't believe what you see, you have to 
believe what you feel." DMB '02 FL-HB SouthBeach- 
CKMthea+h fiesta'03 Carey's '02 New Years '01-02 
JrProm Ellie Marsh-BM+CKM KennyChesney Get 
Low-HB+LM+CKM Sketch nites "See you and me 
have a better time than most can dream of." Thanks 
Girls- Dance parties Dunkies Parking Lots. Mom + 
Dad, Erin, Colleen, & Scott, Thanks! 

Kelly Jane McGreevy 

'Life brings smiles tears + memories The smiles fade 
the tears dry but the memories last forever." FH- 
FunnvTimes DanceTeam StuCo. New Years Rocks O 
No! Dances KillingtonSBcape LJK Summers Hockey 
Games JBs+Careys DMB+Bruce Vacas II/IO Boom 
lul-BlockParty Always. Thanks to all my friends for 
the good times. Good Luck everyone. 1 hanks Mom 
Dad+B for everything. "Don't be dismayed at 
goodbyes/ A farewell is necessary before you can meet 
again/ And meeting again after moments or lifetimes 
IS certain tor those who are friends" Congrats 2004 

Brian Mclntyrc 


1 got a lot to look back on. Thanks to all my friends 

for being around for the best times of my life-JH 

GG MC SB CB BC AM CF MH CC. Life's short 

dont miss a day. Mom and Dad w/out you pushing 

me on I would never have made it this far. 

Mansion02-03TracesO 1 -04Rugs backyard03 

Beirbaums after EastersTheCliffs. Whose Larry? MC 

Memories give me the strength I need to proceed 

Strength I need to believe My thoughts so big 1 just 

can't define Wish I could turn back the hands of time Gotta live my life like its 

one more move to make. Sk\'s the limit. 

Jeff McLean 


Thanks Mom and Dad. . . Someone once 
told me "do anything you must do to get 
ahead in life, even if you have to lie. cheat, 
and steal". 

Andrew J. McWhorter 

You can only speak your mind at 
HHS if you say what they want. 
"It's like riding a scooter, it's fun 
until your friends finds out." 
Thank you. Luce, Swett, WooUey. 
and Geary. 

Claire Merritt 

1 want to thank my friends, family and teachers 
tor all of the encouragement over the last 4 years. 
"True friends are hard to find difficult to leave 
and impossible to forget": LD, MR. CB, DH, AT, 
CR, SG, MM, CC, MB. LG, SL, KG forever. 
Softball 00-04 great memories I will never forget. 
LE- good times (RSB): A special thanks to Mom, 
Dad, and Hannah for all of the love and support- 
ILY. Congratulations and good luck to the class 
of 2004! 


Caitlin Minnock 


"We did not change as we got older, we just became 
more clearly ourselves." Lynn Hall I'll tell you now 
not to wish that it will end because in the end you'll 
wish it was just the beginning. You never know what 
you have until it's gone and you can't always get it 
back so take nothing and no one for granted. JD 
and AS: Good luck in the future. Thanks for 

Gregory Nyce 


Well, Its been a good run, I'll never forget these fun 
times. Alot of thanks to Mom, Dad, Jess an Kim, 
your support helped me more than u know. 
Crazyshmos 4 life, u guys rok, K, C, P, K, A, J, S, L, E. 
"Its Amazmg that the amount of news that happens 
in the world everyday always just exactly fits the 
newspaper." JS. We can only be what we are, nothing 
more and nothing less. True love is hard to find, those 
who do find it shoud consider themselves lucky. I 
know I do. That's it yall, Take Luck. 

Neil Mirochnick 

'Did I waste it? Not so much I couldn't taste it Life 
should be fragrant Rooftop to the basement The last of 
the rockstars. . .1 know that this is not good bye"~U2 1 
can't believe I made it. Thanks to my family & friend 
for putting up with me. GNB Janice The Norwegian 
SPX Straight Up Sputnik Camping Trips Volleyball 
The swirlies Fred Laboratory Tim Wakefield is the man 
RHCP '03 Phish '03 x2 The King TWISM Golden 
Boot Scrambled Eggs Fireball "Velvet Sea" DSOTM 
"Bold As Love" "Let there be songs to ftU the 
air"~Grateful Dead 

Margaret Grace Mulligan 


"There are places 1 remember all my life though some 
have changed some forever not for better some have 
gone and some remain all these places have their 
moments. . .in my life I've loved them aIl"L/M Thanks 
family and friends CM DH CM CB CC blink '01. 
Aaron, Clementines, gt @ LE, Elliott mornings, HMS 
times "The greatest thing you can do is surprise 
yourselves" SM 

Christine Nims 


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are 

small matters compared to what lies within us." 


Thanks for all the good times! 1 couldn't have done 

it without you — Mom, Dad, Tyler, Caz, Tucker, 

and Torrey. 

Russell O'Connell 

Now is the time to look ahead to the future, but never 
forget the times and the people you left behind. Though 
old friendships may fade away in the years that are 
ahead of us, never let go of the memories. It is the 
people you met and the dreams you shared that make 
you who you are today. I would like to thank all of the 
people that 1 met in my time here. I will not list their 
names, as 1 know I would forget someone I know that 
\-our contribution to my past wiU help shape my future. 

Mike O'Connor 


"The path to our destination is not always a straight 
one. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn 
back. Maybe it doesn't matter which road we embark 
on. Maybe what matters is that we embark." Thanks 
to my friends for all the good times and thanks to 
my family for your help and support. SLW — now 1 
know the meaning. . .ILU. "You have to recognize 
when the right place and the right time fuse and take 
advantage of that opportunity. There are plenty of 
opportunities out there. You can't sit back and wait." 

Francesca O'Doherty-Popp 


"We all take different paths in life but no matter 
where we go we take a little of each other everywhere" 
My Girls-Never forget the fun times! Good luck 1 
love you! Boys- MW DS JA NH MS GP Thanks for 
the memories! Proms'02'03'04 Concerts New Years 
Downer Pats parade Cape02 MV02 joyndes cape03 
July4th Red Sox beach mail pool dump Seiioritas 
Disney pit AW DQ Rebels FH-lots of laughs Mom 
+ Dad Conn Ton Nate Will Thanks for everything 
I'll miss you! ILU "Every moment is a new chance" 
Congrats '04 We did it! 


Kathleen O'Donnell 


"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done 
what you could; some blunders and absurdities have 
crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is 
a new day; you shall being it serenely and with too high 
a spirit to be encumbered with your own nonsense." - 
Emerson. Thanks to my family for always being there 
for me. ATNA — you guys made my two years here 
awesome! Remember DMC's, Friday night excursions, 
Kyke's, my basement, dance parties, Starbucks, and all 
the other crazy times. Good luck 2004! 

Allison Randell O'Leary 

I Alii, Alli O, Al, Allsta 

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and 
i ideas can change the world"-Dead Poets Society. 
I Thank you Mom, Dad, Beth, & Sarah for 

'knowing that I could achieve anything. FH, 
I Track.Band/Drama Trips: fun times, fun people. 
I Thanks to all of my friends for letting me be 
j :razy while still keeping me sane. Special thanks 

:o ATNA for always being able to put a smile 
] jn my face: Dance Parties, Friday Night 
J Excursions, S+V, lunch table convos, moonwalks, + DMC's. Congrats Class of 

!004, and just remember that the best is yet to come! 

Alex Olsen 

"Think big. Think positive. Never show any sign of 
weakness. Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high. 
Fear. . .That's the other guy's problem." Thanks to all my 
friends for a great 4 years. Glad to have shared the time 
with you guys. Great times with the hockey team. Red 
, ^^^ SOX, please win I "Let's live for the wonder of it all"- 

Lydf -j inpj^ CoUins' Casino "A little nonsense now and 

^^•i « JH^^B relished by the wisest men" Feelin good Ryan Tm out 

I ai^' .^I^^.M' .JjHF^S- Oh, and in case I don't see you, good afternoon, 

John Mark Paget 

good evening, and goodnight! Alex O 





4S!I will miss you, thankyou Mrs. RUGGIERIO, for 
Iking with me in HHS.' BAND 1 will miss you, 
ontreal03!New York04!ANGIE Good luck in HS 
lere we are again same old argument and now 1 am 
mdering if things will ever change, when wiU you 
igh again like when you did back when, make noise 
jJ til 3AM and the neighbors will complain." CoUene, 
)od luck keep strong! To my class mates love you all 
s fun knowing you guys. PAUL.D, Steve, Gperiod 
anish Class!! SENORA!! love kids.thankyou for mak 

g me one more of yours!! 

Pagetenator, Pagee, Padge 

"If a man does his best, what else is there?" —Gen. Patton. 
Thanks to my family for the help along the wav. Thanks 
to my friends for all the laughs and the times 11! never 
forget. Going to Sox games and B's games. All the 
incredible concerts. Summers were too short but still 
ininzing. Olson's and others'. Hingham Hockey. Furber 
Pi. Christmas Vaca's to remember. New years eves. The 
Casino. Sec you all again soon. "Oh whatever that your 
da\'s may bring, No use hiding m a comer. Cause that 
won't change a thing" —Led Zeppelin. 

Nicholas Parker 


"Every man dies, not every man real! 

lives" Good memories: Conservatorw 

Superbowl XXXVl, Cliffs, Patriot 

League Champs, July 4th, Junior 

Prom, late night 24 hr, homecoming 

Good Times Boys. Thanks Mom+ 

Dad+BP+CR Andrea ILY. "If 1 died 

today Im happy how my life turned out" 50 Cent — Peace Im out 

Yelena Pashchneko 


Solitude: a good place to visit but a poor place to 


Danielle Amber Pastuszak 


"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for 
madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance 
for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams." 
~Anonymous Thanks to Mum, Dad and Lauren for all 
the love and support you have given me over the years. To 

all my friends: "Another year gone What a year it has 

been! Fdopefully your heads are all a little fuller than thc\- 
were. . .you have the whole summer ahead to get them nice 
and empty before next year starts." ~Dumbledore 
Good luck! 

Dan Perrault 

Ok, 530 spaces. That's good for about 
132 words, or 1,132 words if I throw a 
picture in here. But after witnessing the 
plainness of the photo shown above, i 
think I've had enough of the pictures. As 
for that popular "half full, half empty" 
topic — quite frankU' 1 couldn't care less 
of what you say about the glass so long as 
you drink whatevcr's in it. Oh well, 1 guess 
what I'm tr\ing to sa\' is thank you to 

everyone for listening to the words 1 could come up with and for being there 

when I was at a loss for them. 


Caitlin Elizabeth Peterson 


"The world only exists in your eyes... you can make 

it as big or as small as you want." F. Scott Fitzgerald 

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within 

me there lay an invincible summer." —Camus "We 

are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the 

sea. ..we are going back to whence we came."-JFK 

Thanks to my family: esp. Mom and Dad- thanks 

for unconditional love. Abby- your insanity kept me 

sane. Thanks to my teachers (m and out of school). To my triends: "And I'd 

have fought the world for you, if 1 thought that you wanted me to." 

lErica Ashley Pizzelli 

I You can be Lucky Enough if you can count your true 
friends on one hand. Mom Dad Steph PJ you always 
I knew what to say to point me IN the right direction 
land put me back on the right track I couldn't have 
I done it without you. Thanks to all my friends MFJY 
IESKGSD We had some great times no matter what 
vent wrong we got through it. Steve thanks for 
verything you've stuck by me through thick and thin 1 
Love You. Can never forget Harbor times and 
HOMECOMING'OI SemorProm'03 Time really flies 
Congrats class of 2004 We Did It! 

Jasmin Plouffe 

"For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it 
holds last forever." Life@ Hingham High is now 
ending, but there r memories from the past 4 years I 
will always remember: Drama Club Dance Team 
DWH Teaching NYC'03 after show dinners Filipino 
parties. Mom & Dad, 1 appreciate ur love and 
support. Jade & Jennalyn, next year will b weird w/out 
u guys around me. I Love u all! To my friends, I will 
miss u all. We have had some great times together. 
Finally, don't forget: 2 smile, laugh, & enjoy life as it 
goes on! Good Luck 04 

Jeanette Lee PoUara 

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one 
wM and precious Lfe?" I LOVE YOU ALL- 
Sumr03'DMB&DTT03 '-"THANK YOU 
"Dudeman" "Dude,myeyes" "Icantfeelmylegs" 
Mt.Hood02&03 AFS Trips Hedshotz Thank you 
Sammy! "Carolina in my mind" Jr. Prom Parrot 
Bay Night #22 "What a long strange trip its 
been" "Might as well enjoy the ride" Thanks 

Ma, Dad, and Chris "Making plans to change 

the world. While the world is changing us."-DM 

Hayley Prendergast 

"Life consists not in holding good cards but in 
playing those you hold well. " Thanks girls and 
BC+C for aU the 

memories. ESP.32B,Missydum+Adollar menu- 
dirty glass naughticall-britney-OHWU! Got 
Jealousy?-soccer'03 morning rides, volcano girls 
vold-addict,pink flamingoes, 4 1 8, Bruins, Late- 
nights, Fiesta, D=Later,B-runs, Dance Team, 
BBQW/LAMom, Dad, Molly- Zlymore- can't 
thank you enough. 

Michael Pungitore 


We were scheduled to graduate, they told us 

the date.It didn't matter to us, it was so far 

away.Now that its here, we realize our fate. 

Life goes on, the memories wont die. 

Friendships were made, we wont forget the 

nights.So pack your bags and head for the 

door,cuz my friends, its time to grow some 

more.Class of 2004-Bean ARRHRKKV-03 Dave ARRHJPESBR-summer03 

HL Hogan4Life Through it all Thanks BAB-"The business" SR-BigD&Papa- 

AR&MP -love u Mom,Dad,Baby sis Peace "Turns out not where but who your 

with that really matters"-DMB 

Jessica Lauren Purcell 

Jess, Jessie 

"Celebrate we will cuz life is short but sweet for 
certain" DMB. Secret meetings, chapters, AP 
slackers. Brewed, 2000 calories, NH, Rl, cul charts, 
tennis girls. Red Sox, Bruce! Kate-best friends & 
partner in crime, always have been, always will be. 
Dana-my better half Love you always. JC CN JL 
love you guys. "If you're gonna live, then live it up." 
Ben Harper. Thanks Mom, Dad, Sarah & Seth- I 
couldn't have done it w/o you. I love you so much. 

Douglas Randall 

Doug, Douggie 

"A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are 
built for" -John Shedd HHSski&SaQ TTG/V-BaU 
Crow-CP OldSchool XTC420HYC Sumo Regan P-Day 
Bowling BandTrips skiMLK/skiVT(tp) snowwars capn 
theBU stars FLAKW Sears03 waveslice Parasailing 
theHarbor summatime Thanks to everyone who has mad' 
the trip worthwhile. Thanks for everything Katie. Thanks 
for your support, patience & encouragement. Mom, Dad 
Ab. Life is short so choose to be happy — GOOD LUCK 


Sarah Rathnam 


"Good Friends are always together in spirit"-Anne 
of Green Gables. Dance parties, the bench, S+V, 
DMCs, band trips, hug a dork, gymnastics team, 
moonwalks, Friday morning breakfasts, D+D, 
DNA skiing. Thank you to my friends, family, and 
Starbucks. A big sign language 1 love you to ATNA. 
Congrats Class of 2004! 



Sean Patrick Riley 


Finish everyday and be done with it. You have done 
what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no 
doubt have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. 
Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely 
and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your 
old nonsense. This day is all that is good and fair. It 
IS too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a 
A moment on yesterdays. TK NS VL MB MP "The 
busmess" CN DV MD PK BG KG 

eah Reynolds 


he best and most beautiful things in the 
Id can't be seen, nor touched. . .but are felt 
he heart." Kenny thank you for everything! 
nuda 03 was awesome I love you so much! 
ih! Kerri, Te ,+Leah-The 3 Musketeers 
■ver! I love you girls! BFF! To all my Rmk 
; never forget purple cow and Bay State! I'm 
la miss you girls. To my family thanks for 
>n:hing! Mom + Dad I love you! Ken so 
y good memories and more to come I love 
Good luck HHS Class of 2004! 

Alisa Anne Riley 

Alisa, RUes 

"I've learned the hard way that some poems don't 
rhyme and some stories don't have a beginning 
middle & end.Life is about not knowing, having 
to change, taking the moment and making the 
most of It w/o knowing whats going to happen 
next." ABSOLUTE craziness DMB&DTT03 
NeUy Eminem YogiB!Bradswanders"Dudeman" L- 
|YourHead-Canada Youll AlwaysBeMyBabyIl/l8 
ers Sin Come Now 8d PlayILoveAIlMyFriendsThank"TheBasemen" 
ipinKart+Dawg&SuzPartaySNY02-04PopcornBRMPRHRKYou MeanThe 

Lucy Ellen Rogers 

Goose, Luce, Lucille 

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the 
young, compassionate to the aged, sympathetic with the striving, 
and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in your 
life you wlU have been all of these' George Washington Carver 
Always do right, this will gratify some and astound the rest' Twain 
Thanks HHS for 4 amazing yrs of friends and growth. I enjoyed 
my time here, but I can't say I'm sad it's over. I will say that wherever 
this world takes me, you've affected who I am now, and that forms 
who I wiU be. After I forget the fighting Zen banana slugs, late 
night YB work and mexican jumping beans, you'll still be with me. 
AU we have to decide is what to with the time given us' JRR Toikcm 

Annie Tcheng Rosen 

"It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's 
right. I hope you had the time of your life." To my 
Girls: ~Incredible -To the good times- HYC, Dave 
01, missions, LAX, Eminem, Boat, Cape- SB, Sum 
02+03, -SeNoRiTaS, Careys' II/IO, "Let's do 
Downer!" JUAN~ Late Night, Fence!-JC "Life is a 
Highway," CC-SXM- Every Night, Gloorious, 
Champs, No Regrets! "^It's the friends you can call up 
@ 4 am that matter'* Mom and Dad, Thanks for 
everything. Love You. Best of Luck '04! Hey Julie, Do 
you Want to?! 

zabeth Anna Ritche 

not where but who you're with that really 
ers" Thanks to my girls, I couldn't ask for 
r friends I love yas! Thx 4 the memories 
5! DMB-Bsquad-Rec&co-AO's-summer0203- 
02-NewYears-oldschool gang-stripped- 
•-CP#I-gots2dance! Mom Dad Sara-Thanks 
?rything! "Good friends are hard to find, 
cult to leave & impossible to forget" GOOD 
:K '04! 

Patrick Robbins 

"Finish each day and be done with is. You have 
done what you could; some blunders and 
absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as 
you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it 
serenely and with too high a spirit to be 
encumbered with your old nonsense." 

Elizabeth Ann Schaefer 


"Don't ask me what I'm domg, b/c you'U just 
say I'm crazy. Sure I'm crazy; That's what makes 
me more fun" Always remember Roc the Mic 
NeUy Dispatch Birdwatchers Highhorse Bruins 
Games wipitCoady Girl — watchout 4 cameras 
PowderPuff '03 I couldn't ask 4 more — I love u 
mike "friendship is the hardest thing to explain. It's not something u learn in school. 
If u haven't learned the meaning of it, u haven't learned anything"Couldn't do it w/o 
u Girls luv u. Thanks mom+dad foreverything-ILY. Good luck class of 2004! 

Erich Anthon Schutz 

Schutz, Schutzy, Schavez 

Thanx to my family-MomDadPAMcg-Mv friends & 
mentors alike-Holla at UR Boyz: SC CH DD SC KO 
RV CB MO KT JE and my girlz too; shouts to-PBR, 
]eruz/CP, Cruz, Chos, Porch, Hiphop, Phish, The Dead, 
Rova, Skipn at Chris's, QPS, Tail, Gaten, Slapping, 
Dinky, Triphammer, The Accords, Newport, PhilK'. It 
U can't remember me "Picture me rolin" cuz "Til I die 
I'm gona live it up "Just try'n to "live while I'm young" 
cuz "you only get one shot, do not miss your chance 
to go.+ " Burlington: watchout here I come! Where do 
you go when lights go out? Peace out one. 


George G. Schwartz Jr. 


SOCRATES "ItakeAtasteOFwhatsBELOW .comeAWAY 



DIDNTiCOMEherelNthe 1 ^'place?"FORthePAST2years 



phyzzcrewLBttgWSN?ridiculousHYCltSS-> sSVI 5skip 





HHS04, 1 43 "ILLseeYOUallAGAINrealSOON-NOdoubt." 

Alison Smith 


"It's just like the story of the grasshopper and the 
' — - octopus. All year long the grasshopper kept burying 
acorns for winter while the octopus mooched off his 
girlfriend and watched TV Then the winter came, and 
the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns 
and also he got a racecar. Is any of this getting through 
to you?" "If we hit that bulls-eye, the rest of the 
dominos will fall like a house made of cards. 
Checkmate." "No matter how far we've come I can't wait 
to see tomorrow with you." -I love yo...gurt. And you! yea 

Nathaniel Kelly Seelen 

Nat, Captain Beard, Not-so-scruffy, 
Mistah Seelin 

"Standing there the old man said to me, 
long before these crowded streets here stood 
my dreaming tree." — David J. Matthews. Let 
the music guide you, and never forget the 
might of the 1987 CMC Jimmy Sierra 
Classic! -<iAPTP 4EVA!>- 

Gregory Settino 

Greg, G 

Good luck,best wishes,WE MADE IT! 


to all! Drums is falling eloquently down a 

flight of stairs and landing on your feet. 

"Someone told me/There's a girl out there/ 

With love in her eyes/And flowers in her hair." 

Robert Plant "Let your morning sun shine." 

Nesta Robert Marley. Thanks to friends, 

family, teachers. Equinox, SPX, St. Alfonso's 

Pancake Breakfast, MJ, John Henry Bonham, my drum set, every concert I've seen 

and every album in my collection! J ROCK! 

David Francis Sheehan Jr. 


"When the scab of youth has been picked, the scar of 
maturity will set in. And then you're dead." —Mark 
McCoy(Charles Bronson) 

Erin Smith 

Smitty, Ern 

Wompatuck is the best and yogi bear is my 
homeboy. Phish and Dave shows. New 
Hampshire and Newbury St. Harvard Square, 
the hempest, mount hood chs, Florida and 
Illinois. I will miss a lot of you, others I will be 
happy to leave... 

Neil Smith 

"Here the ways of men part: If you wish 
to strive for peace of the soul and 
pleasure, then believe: If you wish to be a 
devotee of truth, inquire."-Frei Drich 
Nietzsche "Life is a tale told by an idiot, 
fuU of sound and fury signifying 

Emily Christine Snyder 


"I always knew I'd look back @ bad times & laugh, 
but I never knew that I would look at the good times 
& cry" HHS'04 to all my friends SCJGSCCBJSRS 
Good tune MFEPKG BF4eva I knew I could always 
count on you guys! We did it! Mom Dad Jen Scott & 
Linda thanks for being there for me & supporting mt 
with all my choices Love You All. Jacob, thanks! for 
being there 4 me. I know I could always count on you 
I Love You! To all my classmates: it's not the end it's 
just the start of a whole new world! 

ason M. Skinner 

"To live is to risk dying, to hope is to risk despair, to 
try is to risk failure. . . but risks must be taken because 
the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person 
who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, and is 
nothing." Thanks mom, dad, and Steve and to all my 
friends for all the great times. Maren. . . unforgettable 
times. B's games. Rides, Cards, Snowboarding, Baseball 
tourney - Good luck class of '04 

Patrick Sullivan 

Pat, The Big Kid 


"Thou Mayest" 

Everything you do m life is the result of a choice. 

Take responsibility for your own life. 


Justin Tsoi 


To be yourself in a world that is constantK- tr\-ing 
to make you something else is the greatest 

Alexandra Tartol 


"What lies behind us and what lies before 

us are tiny matters compared to what lies 

within us" — Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Life's like a movie, write your own ending. 

Thank you guys for always being there: 

DH, CM, MR, MB, CB, CN, LD, CR, SG, 

TD, SP. Thanks for supporting me all these years Mom, Dad and ZacLove 

Sean, sending you my very best as you go into the Air Force. 

J, Adam Traina 

"I wish you and yours every joy in life. . . and may you 
never die till I shoot you. And that's the wish of a 
sincere friend." ~ James Joyce. To my friends — Thanks 
for the blast, may you live forever. 
Humahumanukunukuapuaa, muchachos. Track is for 
athletes, not players. Run fast. Turn left, SummaTime, 
XTCH20HYC, TTG, VBall, WaveSlice, Sears03, 
Sumos, skiVT/skiMLK, Regan, Snow Vacs, 
PlayoffsSox/Pats, PhyzzCrew, Thanx Mary for being 
you. Yo '03, hold the door. 

Diana Trebmo 


t You never really leave the people you love. Part of 
hem you take with you and part of yourself you 
eave behind" Mom & Dad-thanks for the amazing 
hings you do for me. Lisa- thanks for being the 
Teatest friend. To the best friends m the world- 
hanks for the memories: FHgames, tennismatches, 
>wimmingw/Carl, merestead, chorustrips, snowwars, 
hepool, bowling, gogurt, TheRaid, hayleyfield, 
ledSox-next year! Good Luck '04! The Square: One 
)ad. . .that's the way we like to start it off. 

Nick Trinchera 


"Never turn your back on your roots, never forget what 
It gave you, because without them you're nothing." — TD 
Thanks to all my friends for sticking by through the 
rough times and the good. Especially IM CY KM JM 
the AB Crew Skate or Die thrash and Burn, Pence/, Steinbaf inc. AU my SXE boys and Girls stay 
true, 1953 Crew 4-Life, RIP BPR 1.3.04 Respect CFH & 
thanks to Mom Dad & JT 1 made it. 

Ryan Vickers 

"Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead. " 
Concerts, TweeterLotLawnfence Summer 03 
LateNights in Hull Boatin Bahamas — Casino/clubs 
Boys CB MO GG MC BM BC LC MA Root Laxin it 
soccer. "I'm in my car" — Chris Fieldturnaround 
'Who's Larry" Spring/summer during school. 
Guardin at Nantasket — with Mike D. "Just cryin to 
Live." Red Sox, Bee's games, Boston outings, ^'ou only 
live once do it up OUT. 

Daniel Joseph Vilaine 

Dan, Big D, Big Poppa 

"Nobody sees their mistake until they realize the 
severity and consequences following that mistake." 
"Do the Bluto".-Animal House "It's not the roids!" 
Shouts out to everyone I've known, my boys Smokey 
Joe, Reverend Smith, Das German, Poppinz. Poppa 
Pung, Peta, and to the rest I forgot. JK 
I especially want to thank my parents for then- 
support. But most of all to my G-Zell, who I will 
always Love. Good luck, 2004, 

Matthew J. Vreeland 

Doctor Vre 

Quote: Thanks to m\' Mom, Dad. Krista and all of 
m\' friends. I grip it and rip it. Bruce Springsteen at 
Fenway 9/7/03 Yes 1 am a pirate two hundred years 
too late Captiva '03 Pass Plays freezy Bruins Sox Celts 
Pats Collins Casino. Did you have it? Rounders the sc 
are the days of miracles and wonders Super 8 games 
The world 1 love the tears I drop to be a part of the 
wave can't stop wiffle ball concerts fight 4 your right 
to party Hi how are BEAUUUtiful Big Gulps huh well 
c ya lataDown in Junglcland Born 3 run Eastgate crew 
4 life-NF JC NC. 



Margaret Ward 

"And if you hold on tight to what you think is your 
thing you may find you're missing all the rest"-DMB 
Thanks to everyone there for me-3ZB-HP&AC-car rides 
dirt hockey games doUar menu. . .Hay- mornings late- 
night Bruins thieves jetta Volcano Girls. Fiesta 
FieldHockey Summer'OI-Fable II-3-4-5JH Vqueens 
Captiva Utah John Mayer JP-thanks for being you, it 
was fun! TC-"You and me have a better time than most 
can dream." Thanks Mom, Dad and Stacy. Good luck 
and have fun parties! 

Justin Stokes Weinstein 

We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be 
enemies. Though passion may have strained, it 
must not break our bonds of affection. The 
mystic chords of memory will swell when again 
touched as surely they will be, by the better angels 
of our nature. I don't know half of you half as 
well as I should like; and I like less than half of 
you half as well as you deserve. 
There's a time and a place for everything and its 
called college. 

Jeremy Weisber^ 

Everyone thinks they're right and nobody thinks that 
there just might be more than one road to our final 
destination. Relentless. Don't forget who you really are 
js you take a long way down from here-this fasten 
scatbelt sign just needs to go out. Unit Integrity. 
Tanks Mom, Dad, and Micah for always inspiring 
?. Rockstar dreams, because nothing is impossible, 
lat unspoken feeling of knowmg that right now is 
lil that matters is asking one thing: will you always be 
true to yourself? J25. 

Scott Patrick Wessen 

"Time is never time at all you can never leave 
without leaving a piece of youth."-Smashing 
Pumpkins. To all my friends you know who you 
are it's been great never forget all the good times 
we had. I've done my time in Hingham High and 
now it's on to bigger and better things. Keep in 
touch. "There will come a time when you believe 
everything is finished That wiU be the beginning." 
Mom Dad Liz Bob Chris love you all, 1 made it. 
"He who chooses the beginning of a road 
chooses the place it leads to. It is the means that 
determine the end." 

Shannon Whitehead 

"We can face it together the way old friends do." Field 
hockey, Lax Champs '01, Rebels, the beach, J. Mayer, 
SB Cape '03, CC Joyrides, Downer Ave, Nelly, Senior 
trip — I will never forget you, girls. Jamie, we did it! 
MLO- Thanks for the smiles ILY. Mom, Dad, and K- 
Shea, thanks for always being there for me. "This is 
not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. 
But It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Good 
Luck '04! 

Bryan Wilbur 

Kathryn Whitney 

Katie, Whit 

"Every new beginning comes from some 
other beginning's end." Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Sarah and Kristen. Thanks for everything 
Douggie. Thanks to all my friends for the 
great memories: The Pool, field hockey, lax, 
Merestead, chorus trips, Webbs, YNIA, Fort 
Myers Beach, Parasailmg, "Yachting," the 
Harbor, Nantasket, bowling, snow fights. The 
Raid, ping-pong, Red Sox, Patriots, 
— ' Cheesecake factory. Good luck '04, it's been 
fun! The square: "One bad. . .that's the way we 
like to start off." 

Thank you to my family for all their support and 
guidance. Thanks to my true friends and people who 
were always there. "You miss 100% of the shots you 
don't take." Hingham Hockey '00-'04 Best memories 
Super 8 Runs Neck-guards Mascarade New Year's Day 
Practices Spin-o-ramas Hingham Lax 00'-04' 
"Outstanding Gentlemen!" Back to back D2 
CHAMPS Lazelle Street in the Suburban Beach 
House July 3"^. "In a land so inescapably and 
inhospitably cold, hockey is an affirmation that we 
are alive." 

Jonathan N. Wilson 

Ion, Wilson, WUsonator 

"What you like about this kid coming straight out 

of high school is the upside. Tremendous upside." 

— Hubie Brown 

To all my friends it's been a lot of fun. Only more 

to come. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the 

way, I couldn't have done it without all of you. 

"Life IS not to fear, life is to enjoy." —Third Eye 


Mark Winter 

"These walls are kind of funny. At first you 'em, then 
you get used to 'em, enough time passes, gets to be so 
you depend on them." Thank you to my family: Mom 
Dad Sarah Matt Kevin Tim Good luck to all my 
friends, we had a great four years. "No roadies is like 
saying God sucks" 





, ^ ^ -i-^i 





Congrats Brian Walsh 2004! 
.ove Mom, Dad, + Mike 

'CpnaxcLtalatLont ^kane 

^eAt o f fu ck in college, cuid Lrtupwc 

futWLe cateet/ 

Best of Luck 
Love, Mom, Cheri, 
Ken, Will, )oe and 



rirst Steps 
rirst Car 
rirst Job 

(who satjs vp\s have to t?e able to write 
to sell lemonade?) 

rirst Date 

rirst Presidential Speech 

Go get 'em, Liesl! 

We loveuou! 
Mom and Emily 


Congratulations Katie! 

LcA/e always. 

Mom, Dad, Sarah, Kristen 


Md and Imm 


Brian and the Class 

of 2004 


Mom, Dad + Taylor 

Keep Climbing Joey! 

All love, Mom, Dad, Melissa, 

Jimmy, and Elisabeth 


Congratulations on all 
your accomplishments! 
We are very proud of y oil 
Your determination to 
always reach for the stars 
and beyond is an inspiration 
to us all You can make your 
dreams come true! 


Mom, Dad, Beth, Sarah 
and Willy 


Dan! We are very 
proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, 

Steven, and Brian 

"Life is not measured by the 
breaths we take, but by the 
moments that take 
our breath away. " 

- George Carlin 


We are so proud of you! 
The future is yours. 
Love, Mom, Dad and KS 

To Beth and Julie 

Side by side through all the years 

Congratulations and Good Luck 

on your new adventures 

Love Mom + Meaghan 

^mmt, Q/)(m, ^^Sf^ail 

a//id ^^^mjo 


To: ihe Joest Son and TBrother, 

Jeff WlcLean 
Qongratulations on a successful 
high school career. 
Joest of luck on your journey and 

adventures on the West Goast. 
lou have made all of us very proud. ' 

"%day is the first day of the rest of your life 

we love you 
om, ^ad, nger, and Cvan 



Never a dull moment.... 
baseball at the Foley's. 
and swim at the Donovan's. 
the Collins' for street hockey... 
swim at the Fiske's.... basketball at 
the Wilbur's... 
The memories are priceless. 
Best of luck guys!!! 

(also pictured James(03)& Mike (03)) 


P^^r P^t;ric^, 

W^ Low y^ou ^zxd ^rQ so WJ:Y proud of y^^- 

(}ood LucJs: in Art; S<^IiooI. M^Y ^^^ Z^^^ dr^^zxijs cojxlq t;ra^. 

Low, Mom, Dad and Mic^Aa^I 

They grew! 

Seorge and Nat: 

Vl/ho knew/? 

^e km^N you'll 
^° b'9 fhmgs 
'" ^'le future/) 

ffwiu South Schaoi ta 3i3iS. 
Cang^iotuiatien^ ^JidiCy 
Hawien^ + Sitz^! 
Jdaae pteni yxuvc J^cvtentd 


ve come a long 

lison and best of 
in the future* 

J and 

We are all 

very proud 

of you, and 

we love you 

very much! 

Good luck, 

have fun, 

be safe, 


Mom, Dad, 

Liz, and 


Congratulations Chris! 


You reaCCy have what it ta^s (Pauf! 

Lots of Love 
~^om ancf^acf- 



You'll always be our favorite pirate - or whatever 
else you decide to be!! 

Wc love you - 

Mom & Dad 

Char & Nick 

Libby & Jenny 

yoiif joMHcy das jt^st Gai^un! 




An intelligent kid 

wore this hat, 



Evmly, "Vi^fCOver what you/ ore^/ 



TonoM) you/ 






Vad/, Mom/., 

ScwcCh/j a^nA/ 


Congratulations Danielle!! 

We Love You! 

Mum, Dad & Lauren 

When ifML uddfi upon a 6twc... 
yxuvc cUeanid came Viae. 

[fi%cak a teg 3iaJUc CItuu! 

Jiam, iOad 


''§0 Gonfidently 
in the direction 
of your dreams. 
Live the life 
yoiive imagined'! 


We are so proud of you. 


Love, THom, ^ad, and Jack 

Congratulations. Russell! 

-Your LxA/ins Family 


Consratulations, Leah 

(Congratulations , Jenna 
'We love you. 
om, ^ad, & James 

We know you have the power 

to succeed in life. 

Nay all your goals and dreams come true. 

Love, Norn, and Dad 


Congratulations, Steve! 
We are very proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, 

Bill, and Mike 

Caroline JVfutter- 

We ape very proud of you! Wishing you lueR 

and Roping all your dreams come true. 

Tfye future is yours! We love yoa 

Ed, Linda, Krista, Caitlin 



Kjonaratu/attcjts ancCaljest W isfies c/tfways! 
J^ove, <uvt<^yn, Jjacf, ^e<:)jjan<£ ^ivencfofyn 

^tW t^ %e4t off oun 

Life is messy, but fun! 

SltauH, voe. are so proud of you. 

Love you. 

Mom, Dad, & Jay 




om. ^ad. Or Steve 


<j on oralulaijii 


ions Glass of 2004 

Law Offices 


Maureen A. Devine 

Dennis M. Bottone 

Civil Litigation, Family Law, 

Criminal Defense, 

Mental Health Law 


Congratulations Caitlin! 

Our Pride and 

May you 
always be 

blessed with 
as much 

happiness as 
you have 
given us!! 

Love always, 

Monn, Dad, Bridget, and Paul 
Best Wishes to the Class of 2004!! 

HIngham Orthod ontics 

Paul Fitzgerald D.M.D. P.C. 

185UncolnSt. (3A) 

Hingham, MA 02043 


Fax: 781.740.0025 


^^66p (^eachin^ for the O^tars. 

^0V6 (^, ^, and & 


Accord Property Solutions Inc. 

2 Billings Road, Quincy MA, 02171 
TELEPHONE (617) 472- 1 366 
FAX(6 17) 472-1367 

We n^ish Jim uren> an} his classmates 
the briahtest oj jutures. 

uhe uren^ "Family 




\A/& srG so 


All our love Mom, 

Dad, Sr Brieme 

Good ludc and 

may happiness 

go wfth you 

where ever your 

p>a"th may lead 

Vaf] Safari 
Ratf\v\am Fam\\^ 

\jjo\A will lov(? 

coWGqQl Lov(?, 


Vo\A f\a\/G \a\Aq^\ 
mo. so m\Acf\\ 
^] Congrati/ilations on 
DartmoMtinI I can't 
wait to visit 

LjOM t^(?r(?l 
Lov(?, Hope 

Ke.autLkuLka.cei ate tneu that u/eat 

tne LLakt ok a pLeaiont ipitit tkete; 

KeautikuL nanoi ate tneu tfiat do 

dzedi tnat ate noUe, aooa. and ttue; 

KeautikuL keet ate tneu tnat ao 

imktu to lianten anotketi u/oe. 



ratulations T< 

following your dreams and 

may they all come true! 

Congratulations Luke! 

We are so proud of you + love 

you very much. 

Love, Dad + Mom 


§HiiFE, §aQE, Mq§e, Lighthouse 


Respect- MoN 

Love, Pop§ 

wiAr , 



IE, Mom, Dad, 


'\Loss your coppery curls n>ith each nen> daij and ijou n>ill jind pieces oj ijcii. 

'\Lake your coat ojj and stand in the rain and you n>ill jind a n>orId as f)eautijul as you jull oj y^atercolor roses. 

It is you that reminds me in the end, only kindness matters. cXnd ij I could tell the n>orld just one thin^, it n-ould 

^e n>ere all okay v^hen you, my dear Colie, are in it. 
^i\'>e and Jo^e larqe and alnhijS dri\^e nHth the nHndon>s don>n. 

I £0'VE voujuoxe . . . jidoju 


Keep singin' in 

tlie rain. 

Love Mom, Dad, 

Bridget, Lissa 


You make us so 

proud! We love you 

always and forever. 

Dad, Mum, Liz, Bob 

& Chris 

Congratulations, Elizabeth! 

We are proud of your awesomeness! 
Love, Mom, Rondy, and Sara 



Photography by John Lewiecki 

Sierwor Portraits 

EventsAA'eddings Architecture 
Landscapes Photo Rt^touchlnj 

Phone: 781 74 I -6050 

|lcwiccki@aol com 

lyear Adam, 

li/e an vem proud of mu and wis f) mu lots oflucK.m the future. 

I^am for the stars he all that mu can he. 

Conaratulations Hove, Jvtom, Uad^aran 




From a musical baby you 

have grown to have a special 

love for music. 

You are a wonderful talented young 

woman and we are so proud of you. 

We wish you lots of success and 

happiness in the future. 

Love you 
Mom, Dad, Julie and Milli 


We will always be 

PROUD OF you! 

Love Mom, Dad, Lisa, and 


Wc arc so proud of you! 

*^ Never stop rcacl>iD§ for 

tl^e stars. 

Love, Dad, Mom, 

Brendan, and Maura 

you Mitu 

Mii-tnLe, (Jenn 


Consratulations Caitie- 


Congratulations Jess! 

Vou NA/ill 

always b>e 

our Ifttle 


We love 


Mom, Dad, 

Kelly, Cassie 

& KrIsTen 

JKo^ a££^Mi^ cheam^ came t^uie^ cae 
cm ^a pwuda/^^eu/ 


Ji^m., S)ad and ddfiie^ 



Wc arc 5o proud of yon, 
aixi diVayS Hill be. 

Love, A/LoiiT, Diid, Aiiru 
& Pete 




With love from Mom, Dad, 
Ted, KiKi and Henry 



1.0VS m:o]M[, dad, 




rC2^^X^bX- <»-, 


Peggy Ulrich-Nims and Charlie Nims 

The Meahl Family 

Sue Ritchie 

Mary Childs 

The Seelen Family 

The Wessen Family 

The Dahan Family 

David Purcell 

The Johnson Family 

The Gendron Family 

The Larned Family 

Andrea & Steve Feeley 

The Peterson Family 

Mary Marsden 

Pat Szyman 

Barbara Johnson 

Marie Terman 

Greg Nevader 

Marcia Boyer 

Paula Girouard McCann 

John and Martha Robinson 

Mr. Dan Clune 

Dr. Morin 

Mrs. Marvel 

Fred Jewett 

Stephen L. Centerrino 
Doug Holley 
Chuck Geary 
Rose Stratford 
Sheila Atwater 
Kathy Campbell 
John Higgins 
F^eather Lewallen 
Jeanne Hardy 
Mrs. Pamela King 
Cindy Rogers 
Virginia Roche 
Carole O'Connell 
Meredith Gordon 
Schuyler Thaxter 
Brian Heffernan 
Edward Schreider 
Barbara Finnegan 
Andrea Dunlap 
Jayne Skinner 
Eileen Hunt 
Mary Andrews 
Lisa Audet 
Helaine Silva 


Vlative American IPrayer 

I give you this one thought to keep- 
I am with you still- I do not sleep. 
I am a thousand winds that blow, 
I am the diamond glints on snow, 
I am the sunlight on ripened grain, 
I am the gentle autumn rain. 
when you awaken in the morning 

I am the swift, uplifting rush 
of quiet birds in circled flight. 
I am the soft stars that shine at 

©0 not think of me as gone- 
I am with you still- in each new dawn. 


Toiire always in our thoughts 

and prayers. 

We Lov^ You! 

— Katelyn, Kate, Lauren 


-=7? .Ky 


Hello, my little darling, 
I can feel you start to move inside, 
youfdl my heart with so much love, 
you fill my very soul with pride. 

This was eighteen years ago, 
it was early morning, nearly two, 
it was then I started to dream, 
about what life has in store for you: 

I dreamt that you d graduated, 
so you must have been about eighteen, 
and youd grown into such a fine woman, 
In fact, one of the finest ever seen. 

You were a terrific swimmer, 
You'd swam to enormous lengths, 
and your beauty and your character, 
were only two of your many strengths. 

You had such a gentle spirit, 

so warm hearted and full of grace, 

A quietly focused achiever, 

a gentle determined look upon your face. 

You were my 2"^ child, 

hut still, I felt so wonderfully blessed, 

to have any child is a blessing, 

but it's so wonderful to have the very best. 

Like most good things in life, 

thai dream it had to end, 

and mothers don't have extraordinary daughters, 

even less have their daughters as a very good friend. 

But my friend and extraordinary Jen, 
dreams they can come true, 
and I no longer have to dream asleep, 
because I'm awake and bo king at you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Joe, & Lea 

■'emmmmmem mmamMi f.-. 


,« i * 

i's '^ 



Marshfield adventures 

Miles can't separate us from 
friends because if we want to be 
with someone we love, we're 
already there. 

The smile on your 
face lets me know 
that you need me. 

3-[aj)j)\j is wfiat dapjfens wfien aCC 
your dreams come true. 

fPIDflT Ttit 15Tt1 

Without frieDcfs, li?e ^otiU\il fee w^orth lit'iDg.. 

mim mi w chocolate chip coomk or m. 
Fid, eJVoiiliD, Daddl ddr 

Cape CocC 

J^ot fling 
6ut Cove! 

who C5D %^' i? I'A^e 
feegD ch^D^eJ for the 
c)etter? '^eci'use I 
kDe>A? you, I h^e fceeD 
ch^DgeJ for g,ooci. 



H^ IX* *9l^l 


m "^ JT fl 

BS: <^ '^ z 

m 'fl 


'/Ceeey " 







CAMmii BAM mum ummii 







Special Thanks to our friends at Nobles! 

'^^Af^y^/^/^/'/ar/yt:?Ae^ /ig^ /^^ 

a^^^ /5? 

^x/gtTAyg^t^y^ //^ /iT^t^ arz/^'O'^ /'^^^ ^/r^^ 


^/W^ ^^^^/ yA 

-Students Against Destructive Decisions. 


Specisd TTnsiriks to 
Goor^o Lorin 

rrho only moiri vs/ho csun got 3 group of seniors to 

smilo using ei stuffed etninrioil! 


V^^d^ ON, PK^an ON, \>K^d^ ON, dN\> 

Mom, Pai), EL?^^ & JiLLTaN 



/E, Mom, Dad, Tom, '^ 
MayClaiire and Robert 








# , 


The United States heightens the war on terrorism by initiating a "shocl^ and awe" campaign Nine months after she was 
that liberates the Iraqis from former leader Saddam Hussein's regime. Further military actions abducted, Elizabeth Smart 
resulted in the death of his sons Odai and Qusai and the celebrated capture of Hussein hrmself. is found alive in Utah. 

Architect Michael Arad's 
design, "Reflecting Absence,' 
is selected for the World 
Trade Center memorial. 

Eleven Russian coal miners Astronomers discover M4, 
are rescued after being the oldest known planet, 

trapped 2,625 feet below 
ground for six days. 

estimated to be 12.7 billion 
years old. 

While serving in Iraq, more 
than 500 Amencan troops are 
killed and more than 3,000 
are wounded. 

Califomians voice disapproval of Gray Davis by voting Arnold 
Schwarzenegger governor in a recall election. Wife Maria 
Shriver resigned her seven-figure position with NBC News. 

China, Taiwan and Canada are hit hardest by the deadly SARS vims. SARS killed more than 
900 people and infected thousands worldwide. In an attempt to isolate the virus, breathing 
masks were worn, travelers were screened for symptoms and patients were quarantined. 

U.S. President George W. Bush is 
criticized for issuing an assault 
on Iraq based on data that 
Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein 
was harboring weapons 
of mass destmction. No 
weapons were found and 
the misinformation was 
said to have been an 
"intelligence failure." 

Europeans endure one month of temperatures that soar 
above 100 degrees Farenheit. The record-breaking heatwave 
killed more than 19,000 people, withered crops, sparked 
vnldfires, cfeused power outages and melted Alpine glaciers. 

Martha Stewart is convicted 
on multiple charges related 
to her sale of ImClone stock. 

The United States Federal 
Reserve enters a colorful 
$20 bill into circulation. 

yniEH I -BT 1 



I 1 >-■ ■ ' • 











The "Protect Act of 2003" 
urges states to administer 
the Amber Alert system. 

Pope John Paul II celebrates his 25th anniversary as pope. Despite the debilitating 
affects of Parkinson's disease the 83-year-old pontiff presided over an anniversary Mass 
that drew tens of thousands of people to St. Peter's Square, Vatican City. 

Gary Ridgway known as the 
Green River killer, admits 
that he murdered 48 women 
in Washington state. 

The Homeland Security 
Department requires armed 
law enforcement officers on 
certain international flights. 

Gyude Bryant becomes the 
leader of Liberia's postwar 
government. Former leader 
Charles Taylor was exiled. 

Three capitol buildings close 
for cleanup when ricin is 
found in Senate Majority 
Leader Bill Frist's mailroom. 

A Washington state cow is 
the first U.S. bovine to 
contract mad cow disease. 

Pohtical commentator Rush 
Limbaugh seeks rehab for 
his addiction to painkillers. 

A Staten Island ferry crashes 
into a pier killing 10 and 
injuring 42 people. 

Iranian conjoined twins 
Ladan and Laleh Bijani die 
following separation surgery. 

Mars comes within 35 million 
miles of earth, the closest 
encounter in 50,000 years. 

Southern California wildfires 
char 600,000 acres of land 
and thousands of homes. 

Months after the 14-year-old Galileo spacecraft is vaporized 
in Jupiter's atmosphere, NASA debates the risk of repairing 
the Hubble Space Telescope or destroying it. 

A major power outage simultaneously cripples cities in 
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, 
Michigan and Ontario, Canada. 

Roy Horn of Sigfreid & Roy is severely injured when his 
white tiger Montecore grabs him by the neck and drags 
him backstage during a Las Vegas performance. 

US Customs officials begin 
scanning the fingerprints of 
foreign visitors and immigrants. 

U.S. Senator John Kerry, Congressman Dennis Kucimch, U.S. Senator John Edwards and Civil Rights Activist Al Sharpton 
campaign for the Democratic ticket in the 2004 Presidential Race against Republican President George W. Bush. Consumer 
advocate Ralph Nader also announced his candidacy as an Independent. 

Americans are injected with 
more than 83 million flu 
vaccines in defense of the 
perilous "super flu" epidemic. 

Taiwan's 1,674 foot Taipei 
Tower surpasses Malaysia's 
Petronas Towers, becoming 
the worid's tallest building. 

Following months of rebel 
opposition, Haitian President 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide is 
forced to flee his country. 

Hurricane Isabel causes 
four deaths, flash flooding 
and massive power outages 
in six East Coast states. 


Measuring 1,132 feet long, 236 feet high and valued at 
$800 million, the Queen Mary II is the world's largest and 
most expensive passenger ship. 

Kill Devil Hills, NC celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 
Wright Brother's first manned and powered flight. Attempts 
to re-enact the flight failed because of unfavorable conditions. 

Scientists debate whether a 40-foot wide, gelatinous sea 
specimen found on the coast of Chile is decomposing 
whale tissue or part of the rare Octopus Gianteus. 

Air Force pilot Yang Liwei 
mans China's first human 
space mission. 

Funny man Bob Hope, 
dies at 100. Hope's 
comic career brought 
laughter to American 
citizens and troops 
for more than 60 years 

More than 28,000 people 
die when a magnitude 6.6 
earthquake rocks Bam, Iran. 

Following two years of opposition, Pakistan's President 
Pervez Musharraf and Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant 
Sinha agree to engage in dialogues aimed at resolving 
their long-term dispute over the Kashmir region. 

&SS^ Oklahoma! 
" I City federal 
building was 
- , opened. 

{• Canada's 

I Ward Hunt Ice 

Shelf split 

in two, 

• The remains of 
Laci Peterson 
and child were 
found and 
husband, Scott, 
was indicted 
for the murders. 

• President Bush 
called for a 
lunar space 
station to be 
created by 2020. 

•A magnitude 
8.0 earthquake 
rocked Japan 
and forced 
41,000 people 
I to evacuate 
Hokkaido island. 

• Alabama Chief 
Justice Roy Moore 
was removed from 
office for refusing 
to remove a Ten 
monument from 
the State Supreme 
Court building. 

• A bird flu outbreak 
caused countries to 
ban the importation 
of U.S. chicken. 

• The Massachusetts 
Supreme Judicial 
Court ignited a 
national controversy 
when it ruled against 
a state ban on same 

gender marriages. 

• Veteran broadcaster 
David Brinkley and 
U.S. Senator Strom 
Thurmond died. 

After two seasons, Ashton 
Kutcher ends his MTV 
practical joke series "Punk'd!" 

"The Passion of the Christ" 
starring Jim Caviezel grosses 
$117.5 million its first week. 

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" starring Elijah Wood and Sean Astin is 
this year's biggest box office hit earning more than $925 million. "Rings" received four 
Golden Globes and 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. 

Benjamin McKenzie stars m 
Fox's new hit drama series 
"The O.C." 

"Everybody Loves Raymond" 
collects four Emmys 
including Outstanding 
Comedy Series. 

"Lost m Translation" and Bill 
Murray collect three Golden 
Globes and four Academy 
Award nominations. 

Emmy winner and beloved 
star of "8 Simple Rules" 
John Ritter tragically dies 
at 54. 

"Seabiscuit" starring Tobey 
McGuire earns seven 
Academy Award nominations 
including Best Picture. 

Johnny Depp wins a SAG 
award and Oscar nomination 
for "Pirates of the Caribbean." 

Following 10 successful seasons Courteney Cox Arquette, Matthew Perry, Jennifer 
Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow bid farewell to "Friends." The 
hit show picl<ed up its third People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Series. 

Lindsay Lohan stars m the 
remake of Disney's classic 
"Freaky Friday." 

In the wake of their box office hit "Finding Nemo," Pixar Animation Studios and Walt 
Disney Company end their 12-year partnership. In addition, Disney rejected a takeover 
bid from cable giant Comcast and agreed to purchase Jim Henson Company's Muppets. 

"Mystic River" star Sean Penn and 
"Monster's" Charlize Theron are 
awarded the Best Actor and Best 
Actress Academy Awards. 

"Master and Commander," 
starring Russell Crowe, earns 
10 Oscar nominations. 

"Joan of Arcadia" starring 
Amber Tamblyn is the 
"People's Choice" for Favorite 
New TV Dramatic Series. 

, "Th 
< People" 
] vote Tom 
^ Hanks their 
■■ooKQ Favorite 
g Ail-Time 
i|hBBw<» Entertainer. 

J •ABC hosted 
i^Bsass a S4 million 
I wedding for 
L "Bachelorette' 
^ couple Trista 
'* Rehn and 
WQfiQss Ryan Sutter. 

• Other Hot TV 
Shows: "CSI," 
"Fear Factor," 
"American Idol," 
"Survivor," "Will 
and Grace," "Six 
Feet Under" and 
"The Apprentice." 

• Legendary 
Gregory Peck, 
Buddy Ebsen, 
Charles Bronson, 
Katharine Hepburn, 
"Captain Kangaroo" 
Bob Keeshan and 
"Home Improvement's' 
Earl Hindman died. 


Hillary Duff, star of "Lizzy 
McGuire," releases her first 
album "Metamorphosis." 

Americans celebrate the 40th 
anniversary of the Beatles' 
arrival in the United States. 

Beyonce Knowles wins five Grammys including Best R&B Song for "Crazy In Love" and 
Best Rap Collaboration v\/ith her boyfriend, rapper Jay-Z. Beyonce also received three 
MTV Video Music Av\/ards and starred in the movie "The Fighting Temptations." 

Kenny Chesney tops the 
music charts with his album 
"When the Sun Goes Down." 

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot 
receives a Grammy and two 
MTV Video Music Awards 
for her song "Work It." 

Grammy winner Johnny 
Cash dies at 7L During his 
career. Cash was featured 
on more than 500 albums. 

Britney Spears marks the year 
with a controversial kiss, a 
brief Vegas marriage and her 
new album "In the Zone." 

MTV's "Newlyweds: Jessica 
and Nick" exposes the 
marriage of singers Nick 
Lachey and Jessica Simpson. 


Off J 

•Whfle touring 
J in Europe 
^ heavy Metal 
singer Ozzy 
'^ Osboume 
■■fifiBSB& was seriously 
- t. injured in an 
ATV accident. 

The Grammy for Best New 
Artist goes to rock group 

Tenor Josh Groban's album 
"Closer" tops the Classical 
Billboard charts. 

OutKast's Big Boi and Andre 3000 claim three Grammy 
awards including Album of the Year and Best Rap Album 
for "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.s" 

Rapper 50 Cent collects two 
American Music Awards for 
"Get Rich or Die Trying." 

Ruben Studdard outsings 
Clay Aiken, becoming the 
second American Idol. 

Justin Timberlake's album "Justified" is awarded two 
Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Male Pop 
Vocal Performance. Justin also won an American Music 
Award for Favorite Album-Pop or Rock and three Video 
Music Awards. 



^ Stroke suivivDr 


won four 

^ including one 

for Best R&B 
I Album and 
^ two American 
} Music Awards. 

•Jennifer Lopez 
and Ben Affleck 
cail off their 
ending the 
"Bennifer" ffenzy. 

is indicted on 
charges involving 
behavior with 

• Prince Charles 
knighted Sir 
Mick Jagger in 
honor of "his 
services to 
popular music." 

• Other names in 
music this year 
included Country 
superstar Toby 
Keith, 80s glam 
rockers The 
Darkness, Maroon 5^ 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
and The Strokes. 

Notable musicians 
Warren Zevon, 

White and 
-y Hatfield died. 

Coldplay receives three MTV Music Awards and their 
single "Clocks" is named Record of the Year at the Grammy 
Awards. Lead singer Chris Martin married actress and 
mom-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow. 





Fast-food menus change 
to accommodate the rising 
number of low-carb dieters. 

:^. 1 

The Aquada, a new boat/ car, 
can travel up to 30 mph in 
the water. 

Busta Rhymes sports a 
trendy "throwback" jersey 
and retro cap. 

The United States' second Mars rover, Spirit, explores the Red Planet's terrain. Following 
10 days of lost contact, Spirit continued to collect data, dig for soil samples and set a 
one-day distance record of 70 feet. 

Thick-soled and fur-lined 
Ugg boots stomp their way 
from Hollywood fashion to 
everyday footwear. 

Physically handicapped 
people can now travel 
virtually anywhere in the 
Independence iBOT 3000. 

Carryalls take on a fresh new 
look with beaded handbags, 
mesh backpacks and vintage 
cigar box purses. 

High definition, flat screen 
televisions and DVD 
recorders are the new wave 
in home entertainment. 

Millions of Americans ban 
telemarketers from phoning by 
signing the "Do Not Call List." 

Mandy Moore wears cute 
"girl curls" while guys sport 
shaggy cuts and close shaves. 

Powerpuff Girls, Hello Kitty 
and Curious George are 
popular cartoon characters. 

Online booking companies 
such as Orbitz and Expedia 
hurt travel agency sales. 

The 80s styles make a comeback along vwth mini skirts, 
tmcker caps, vintage t-shirts, distressed jeans, thick leather 
wrist bands, stiletto heels and a fascination with the mullet. 

Sports Utility Vehicles outsell mini-vans 
becoming the new "family car." To compete 
with rising gas prices and smaller cars, 
automobile manufacturers developed the 
first hybrid SUVs. 

Fines are issued to hundreds of illegal downloaders of 
music. Media sharing websites and the popularity of MPS 
players are blamed for a 31 percent drop in CD sales. 

major book 
printed in 
the west, the 
' Gutenburg 
Bible, was 
i and placed 
online for 
archival and 
' educational 
' purposes. 

' Virtual 

J uses a laser 

1 that enables 
users to type 
on any flat 
■*0M surface. 


created a 

, credit card 
'■ that emits 

radio signals. 

- Scientists 
i developed a 
'^ weed that 
1 changes color 
when it is grown 
over a landmine. 

• The "MyDoom" 
e-mail virus 
infected computers 
worldwide by 
"^stalling a worm 
that crashed 
Microsoft Windows. 

• Scientists in South 
Korea clone the 
first human 
embryos for stem 
cell research. 

• Logitech created a 
digital pen that 
captures everything 
written or drawn 
and uploads the 
data to a computer 
via a USB cradle. 

The New England Patriots win Super Bowl XXXVIII in an electrifying 32-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers. With four 
seconds remaining, the Patriots scored a field goal and claimed their second championship in three years. New England 
quarterback Tom Brady was Super Bowl MVP. 

Carmelo Anthony and the 
Syracuse Orangemen win 
the NCAA Basketball 

On the final hole, Shaun 
Micheel claims his first 
win in 163 starts at the 
PGA Championship. 

New Jersey Nets star 
Alonzo Mourning retires 
from the NBA to undergo 
a kidney transplant. 

Laila All defends her IBA 
super middleweight title by 
defeating boxing great 
Christy Martin. 

The UConn Huskies, led by Diana Taurasi celebrate their 
second consecutive NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament 
victory after defeating the Tennessee Volunteers 73-68. 

Lance Armstrong pedals to 
his fifth consecutive Tour 
De France title. 

Justme Henm-Hardenne's 
eight tennis wins include 
the French and U.S. Opens. 

Pro soccer team DC. United 
signs a four-year deal with 
14-year-old Freddy Adu 

Jose Santos rides Funny 
Cide into the Kentucky 
Derby winner's circle. 

Golfer Annika Sorenstam is 
voted A.P. Female Athlete 
of the Year. 

Heavyweight boxing champ 
Lennox Lewis retires at 38, 
ending a 14-year career. 


The Florida Marlins win the World Series in a seven-game 
match up with the New York Yankees. Marlins pitcher 
Josh Beckett was series MVP. 

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. follows m his father's 
footsteps as he drives to his first Daytona 
500 victory on Feb. 15. He took the 
lead from Tony Stewart with 20 
laps to go. The late Dale 
Earnhardt, Sr. claimed the same 
title six years earlier on 
Feb. 15, 1998. 





Kristme Lilly, Brandi Chastain and Mia Hamm celebrate a 
3-1 U.S. victory over Canada in the FIFA Women's World 
Cup. The win earned the United States a Bronze Medal. 

League MVP Tim Duncan 
leads the San Antonio Spurs 
to the NBA championship. 

Alex Rodnguez signs with the 
New York Yankees and moves 
from shortstop to third base. 

The New Jersey Devils earn their third Stanley Cup m 
nine seasons after defeating the Anaheim Mighty 
Ducks 4-3 in the seven game series. 

Julie Krone becomes the 
first female jockey to win a 
Breeders' Cup race. 

Surfer Bethany Hamilton 
returns to competition 
just 10 weeks after 
losing her left arm 
in a shark attack. 

Andy Roddick defeats top- 
ranked Juan Carlos Ferrero 
in the U.S. Open Finals. 




In the first tie since 1997, the LSU Tigers and the USC 
Trojans share this year's National Football Championship. 
The Trojans were voted No. 1 by the Associated Press, 
while the Tigers got the top vote in the Coaches' Poll. 

Fan favorite 
^John Daly 
b; won his 

first PGA 

> tournament 
leeoosBs in nine 

- years at 

> the Buick 
I Invitational. 


i University 
claimed the 
College World 
Series title. 

Tennis great 
I Pete Sampras 
retired with 
a record 14 
Grand Slam 

In game 
four of the 
National League 
Series, Chicago 
Cubs fan Steve 
Bartman deflected 
a foul ball 
as left fielder 
Moises Alou 
attempted the 
catch. Irate fans 
blamed Bartman 
for the Cubs' loss. 

• Chicago Cub 
Sammy Sosa was 
ejected when an 
umpire discovered 
he was using an 
illegal bat. 

• Wakeboarding 
phenom Dallas 
Friday, 16, wins a 
Summer X-Games 
Gold Medal. 

• Tug McGraw, 
pitcher for the 
"Miracle Mets" and 
Phillies, died at 59. 
He was the father of 
country music star 
Tim McGraw. 

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